Nowadays our society suffers from many problems. Everyday we are challenged by new situations which may surprise us. A huge problem in the United Kingdom is abuse of the older people. They are often neglected, abused or treated in a wrong way. However, what is most surprising is the fact that not only homeless people are affected by this phenomenon.  The statistics say that most of the victims are older people in their own homes! Moreover, there are many cases of elder abuse reported in nursing homes! This article is related to problems of the old in the UK as well as possible solutions of how to avoid these acts of violence.

Stastically nine out of ten nurses in the UK have experienced some kind of  violence towards the older people. Over seventy eight percent of them claims that these kinds of acts happen a few times in a month. The elder abuse has became a huge problem in the UK as most of the cases are even not registered. The mass media in the UK also neglect the problem by presenting the older people as active gaffers who are provided with protection and support of the government. A great quote which presents the current situation in the UK is ‘It‘s not old age, but today‘s youth what makes the elder feel alien in their own environment‘.

In what circumstances the abuse happens?

A high percentage of the elderly in the total population of the UK is one of the reasons why they have so many problems with being treated well. On one hand the UK government provides different kind of facilities which aim at making the elders‘ life easier. These are facilities like special lifts, seats in the means of transport, drive-in entries for wheelchairs and many others. On the other hand it does not solve the problem at all. Charity organizations such as Help the Aged, Action on Elder Abuse and Comic Relief have conducted the survey in which they were investigating who and when is actually touched by the acts of violence. The reported data show that:

  • in 35% of cases violence perpetrators were people, who were paid for the care of senior,
  • in 64% of cases the violence occured in the home of an elderly person;
  • in 67% of cases the victims abuse are women;
  • in one of three cases the victim experienced violence from more than one person.

As it may be concluded from the statistics many of the violent acts happen in the closest environment of the elder. Fortunately modern technology offers some solutions which may help to reduce the percentage of the abused people in the UK.

First of all you need to talk with them as much as possible. By doing it you may determine some suspicious behaviours. You need to be sensitive, understanding and cautious as many victims of violence simply do not want to talk about it. You also should to spend more time with your older loved ones. It may help to built a stronger relationship and reliance. Additionally you may check if the person does not have any signs of violence on their body.

Anti-abuse technology

Technology may serve as a tool preventing from the abuse of the older people. Security cameras are devices which will help you monitor the environment of your elder loved one. A great tool of violence investigation is ALC-T11 HD IP alarm clock security camera for home. The product is available at our store at:

The camera is discreetly hidden in an alarm clock. It cannot be noticed by any third parties. The device looks like a normal alarm clock thanks to modern design. It is also equipped with functions such as picture taking and voice recording. The power supply is very efficient in a form of 2 AA batteries enabling operation for at least 24 hours! Motion detection function helps to save a lot of energy and records only these moments which are really important in our investigation. The recorded data is saved on microSD cards up to 32GB.

Do not wait! Make sure that your elderly loved ones are well-treated! Monitor your senior care assistants or babysitters. By using products available in our offer you may avoid many unpleasant situations and provide your older loved ones with security of the highest level.

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