The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is spreading rapidly, completely changing the face of reality and forcing citizens to change behavior and habits. During high epidemiological threat, effective preventive measures must be taken that can limit the scale of it. Which antiviral devices are most effective for companies, institutions and employees of the first contact? We present interesting products to protect frontline workers against coronavirus.

The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak affects all citizens. Those who have this option start to work remotely in home quarantine. Unfortunately, home office is not possible in all professions.

Policemen, employees in post offices, pharmacists and doctors – representatives of these professions cannot work at home. Various government institutions and military facilities are in the same situation. Adherence to appropriate safety procedures and precautionary measures is a key issue wherever constant contact with other people is necessary. Fortunately, there are solutions that increase the level of safety during an epidemic. These are antiviral devices for institutions and front line employees.

UT-160HI thermal imager with contactless temperature measurement

The equipment used to measure temperature is described in previous articles – now we would like to discuss the handy devices. Routine health check of front line employees is a priority during an epidemic. This is particularly important because a lot of people only have mild symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 disease that are easily mistaken for the common cold. Therefore, a person infected with coronavirus may inadvertently infect clients or colleagues. Thanks to the Uti220K thermal imaging camera with the non-contact temperature measurement function it is possible to carry out a quick and effective control of body temperature. The device reacts to the heat emitted by the body and shows a precise temperature value with an accuracy of +/- 0.5‘C.

An important advantage of the camera is the optional tripod mount and connection to an external monitor. Thanks to this, the equipment is perfect for the office space, stores, production plants and in any other places where it is not possible to install the detection gate due to the location. It s enough to put the camera on a tripod at the entrance to inspect every passing person from a safe distance. The option to save measurements on a memory card makes it easier for the employer to control the situation, which is especially important with

AET-R1B1 contactless thermometer

AET-R1B1 Contactless thermometer, is a handy device that also allows you to carry out effective control of body temperature. It is an alternative for small entrepreneurs whose workplaces are located in a small space that makes it difficult to set up a thermal imaging camera. For a small price yo can get equipment with high precision of operation – the use of infrared technology provides measurements with an accuracy of 0.2‘C. The great advantage of the thermometer is very easy operation – just bring it close to the forehead at a distance of about 5 cm and hold down the button to get the result displayed on a readable LCD screen after just a while.

Non-contact measurement guarantees safety of use and eliminates the need for continuous disinfection of equipment. The small size and immediate readiness to operate make up the perfect choice for employees of smaller stores, administrative offices and gas stations. It is also appreciated by people employed in small offices who are looking for a cheap and effective way to improve security conditions. With the help of a thermometer, you can perform regular tests quickly, safely and non-invasively.

UV MAX everyday utility sterilizer

Many professional areas require the use of smartphones to conduct business conversations or to contact clients. These devices can pose a potential threat due to germs settling on their surface. Effective and quick disinfection of phones is possible thanks to the VMAX sterilizer, which strong UV light removes up to 99.9% of harmful microbes. The small device easily accommodates a smartphone with a maximum diameter of 7 inches or other small items such as keys, pens, payment cards or headphones. The procedure itself is very simple – just insert the smartphone into the connected device, close the lid and press the sterilization start button. After disinfection, the sterilizer will switch off automatically. The whole process takes only 6 minutes, so you can easily carry it out many times during the day. Using the UV MAX sterilizer will increase the level of security in offices, administrative offices and other places and professional areas where mobile phones are used on an ongoing basis.

Protective masks – Protection against COVID-19

Products to protect frontline workers against coronavirus are particularly important at the present time. Protective masks are the best solution. Their use is one of the basic preventive methods that are recommended, among others by WHO experts. No wonder – COVID-19 aggressively spreads via the droplet path and can easily enter the body through the mouth or nose. Half mask (FFP2 safety class) reduces the risk of being infected by coronavirus, which, like studies have shown, can persist in the air for up to several hours. Protective masks can be used everywhere where regular contact with other people is necessary, e.g. among employees of shops or post offices. Thanks to the ergonomic design and good air flow, wearing a protective mask does not cause discomfort even after several hours of use.

It is also worth considering N95 filter mask. This filter has a high degree of protection against microbial contamination – it can filter up to 95% of airborne particles. Such a high degree of protection combined with high durability and comfort of use makes the mask ideally suited to use in hospitals, clinics and among doctors often called for home visits.

Protect your employees and the company

The solutions cited in this text provide security for those employees who, due to the nature of their duties, cannot switch to remote work mode. Sterilizing masks protect against coronavirus infection during direct customer service, and sterilizing devices remove all dangerous germs from banknotes, documents, smartphones and other small objects and devices. The use of effective preventive methods helps reduce the number of infections and contributes to halting the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic in the long term.

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