How to protect yourself and your family against intruders? How to secure the house and garden?

Efficient spying

Placing cameras in home or its surrounding and in other places may be deemed as something negative. Everyone who is not familiar with the topic of security will ask ‘What do you need these cameras for?!‘.

How to protect the house‘s surrounding?

There is no rule stating which type of house is the most convenient for thieves. It may be a block of flats apartment, single-family housing or villa by the lake. The obvious thing is that we desire to protect each of them. A good solution is to install a photo-trap at the gate and main entrance. Location in strategic place and good camouflage will ensure us to sleep soundly. Furthermore, the installation of audio-video recorders will be a perfect solution for interior of multi-family building e.g. in a hall. Then, we will be able to monitor who passes through it, and in case of burglary and other similar accidents, we will obtain a clear evidence.

Your home is your castle

Installing spy and monitoring devices in a hallway, living room and bedroom is also a good idea. Usually, these are the rooms in which precious things and expensive electronics are placed. Clever cameras placing in clockssmoke sensors and other equipment will give us great advantage over the burglar! However, the family must be informed about it and explained that the purpose is their safety.

The family is the most important

Using spy and monitoring equipment is one of the most effective means to protect your house and a source of evidence in case of a burglary. It is obvious, that the security of our family is the most important thing! We do not want to harm them, anyway. Installing the cameras and placing warning information is an effective and evocative measure towards a burglar – nobody will trespass on the monitored area.

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