One of the most popular products in our offer are borescopes (called also boroscopes). These advanced optical devices are used for searching of hardly accessible areas thanks to their unique features. They are mainly used by big manufacturing  companies. However, in the recent time  many people in the UK such as hobbyists, mechanics, or private individuals have started to use these technologically advanced devices.

How does boroscope work?

Boroscopes which are often called inspection cameras are considered devices of the future. Why are boroscopes so special? It is mainly beacause of their construction which enables searching of inaccessible viewing areas. Borscopes are equipped with tube with two ends. An eyepiece is installed on one end and the other end is equipped with objective lens. Both ends are in constant communication thanks to the relay between them. The camera lens is used to form an image which is then transmitted through the tube to the eyepiece. It is important to point that the object captured by the camera lens is illuminated and it is possible to use it even in a total darkness. Therefore, the user is able to see what exactly is at the end of the tube.

endoscope baroscope

Types of Boroscopes

Two major types of boroscopes may be distinguished, namely flexible and rigid. This distinction relates to the type of the tube. In case of flexible boroscopes the tube connecting the lens and the eyepiece is elastic. Flexible boroscopes may be either articulating or non articulating. If you want to search a straight area non articulating boroscope would be enought. However, if the searched area requires a variety of movements in order to be captured articulating boroscope is a better choice.  Flexible boroscopes are obviously more elastic, but they suffer from the lower quality of image.

Rigid boroscopes are known for the immobile version of the tube. These inspection cameras are only used in of objects such as fuel injectors, cylinders, hydraulics or guns. They might be often ordered with different directions of view considering a variety of scopes degree. In comparison to the flexible inspection cameras they provide better image quality with relatively lower costs.

endoscope BAROSCOPE inspection camera

In what circumstances people use boroscopes?

Inspection cameras known as boroscopes resemble endoscopes used in the human body. They are primarly designed to reach for inaccessible places. They are often used for searching of aircraft engines, different kinds of tubes, turbines. In the field of weapons they are used for gunshmithing. Rigid boroscopes found their application during the II World War in examining interior spaces. Their operation in technical professions is invaluable. For instance a lot of mechanics uses boroscopes in their service stations while repairing the cars. If the engine is hidden and there is no light the mechanic may easily manipulate the flexible wire and see what is happening inside. Inspection cameras are often used by chimney sweepers while examining different types of air conditioning. Boroscope may be also used in domestic conditions. This type of inspection cameras is often simple in operation. Therefore, visting an attic or a cellar would not be a problem any more.

The advantages of boroscopes

Inspection cameras have found a variety of possible applications. The main of them are:

  1. Simple operation – They often operated with few buttons and the use is very intuitive;
  2. They may be used in hardly reachable places such as : aircrafts, tunnels, tubes, car service stations, caves, bunkers and many more;
  3. There is a variety of boroscopes available on the market – you may choose the best model either rigid or flexible depending on your personal needs;
  4. The image which is captured by the camera lens may be either recorded or previewed in real time.


Our products

Detective Store offers a variety of boroscopes. They are either rigid or flexible depending on your personal needs. A great example may be GosCam Explorer Premium 8803AL Flexible Inspection Camera.  It has got pistol shape and it is equipped with high quality LED display. Flexible cable of one meter length provides convenient use. It supports microSD cards. The device is completely waterproof which allows for operation in hard atmospheric conditions. Efficient power supply provides up to three hours of constant operation. Additionally the device is equipped with photo function. The images might be saved in jpg format and the video format is avi.

Please check also our second inspection camera Goscam explorer premium 8807Al.

borescope endoscope

If you are looking for a device which will enable searching of seemingly inaccessible areas choose one of our product. They are simple in operation well-testes and not expensive, designed for both professionals and private persons.

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