Interview with the private detective

Dear readers! Today I want to introduce one of the more succcsesful detective in London. I asked him some questions and got really interesting answers.

Can you tell me the most interesting situalion in your detective caree?

Richard Martinez: Many years ago I was instructed by a man to follow his wife over a two week duration. She was an attractive lady and all the surveillance on her, showed that she had not been up to any adulterous activities. The husband then asked me to do a lie-detector test on her at their home, so after connecting my equipment to her which included a pulse reader, breathing analyser and sweat-rate sensor, I then went through the procedure which started with the calibration questions. These are questions which I already know the answers to and can see, such as are your eyes brown or are you female etc. These types of calibration questions, then allows my lie detector to take into account any stress that the subject may have, and uses the results to these questions as it‘s base line.

And what happened next?

Richard Martinez: I then went on to asking my customer‘s wife all the questions that her husband had provided. The questions were very sprecific and covered allegations of adultery with a variety of people. I could see that his wife was nervous but was cooperating fully. On completion of the thirty minute lie-detector test and evaluating all the results, the conclusion was that that the wife had been honest with all her answers and that there had been no adulterous activity. On reporting this to the husband, he became enraged and firstly accused his wife of cheating the test and then accusing her of paying me to give false results. I explained that I have never and would never be corrupted to give false results, as that is unethical, unprofessional and there are always mystery shopper type assessors, testing service providers in all walks of life. So I always go by honesty being the best policy. 

However, the husband was becoming angrier and angrier with his attractive but now nervously shaking wife. As he began yelling louder at her, I asked him to calm down as there was no need for his anger. She had passed the test and he should be happy that she had proven that she was loyal, just as the surveillance had shown. He ignored my observations and as he stood up she pleaded with me to leave quickly. He shouted that he was going to beat her for being unfaithful and she screamed that she never had. I told him to please leave her alone, and he then shouted at me to say I was having an affair with his wife, and that he was going to get a knife to punish us both. As he walked to their kitchen, his wife was now in tears and screaming to him not to hurt us. I immediately phoned the police and told her irate husband that the because he had threatened us and now had a knife in his hand, that I had called the police who were now listening to his agressive threats on the phone. He then walked to their balcony and now threatend to kill himself. His wife was pleading with him that she loved only him and not to hurt himself or anyone. I was still on the phone to the police and telling him to drop the knife as the police would be here soon.

The husband was leaning out over the balcony with the knife to his wrists, constantly yelling at us when the doorbell rang and shouts saying we are the Police, open the door. The women began to run to the door but her husband shouted dont leave me. I kept holding my briefcase up between us and the irate knife wielding husband, as the wife continued to the door. Within seconds the police ran in and the husband quickly dropped his knife. He was handcuffed and removed, whilst I and his wife were questioned. I realised from this experience, that even an innocent person with plenty of evidence, can still be wrongly accused by their paranoid partner. I also now provide any final lie-detector results, when I am back in my office over the phone. If you are interested in such stories you can find it in his Pi experiences are listed in my book called ‘Honeytraps & Sexpionage. Confessions of a Private Investigator‘ by Richard Martinez.

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