Better be safe than sorry and unfortunately people don’t think too much about their pets’ safety until it is at stake. There are many cases of pets leaving their homes and not coming back as they usually did. All that a stressed owner may do is run around the neighbourhood and scream the pet’s name, posting notices and having faith that the animal comes back safe and sound or somebody finds it. We all know that forewarned is forearmed so you shouldn’t wait until something like that happens to your pet and arm yourself with a miniature dog or cat tracker that will save you from anxious waiting. Compared to all the stress of your pet gone missing, the cost of the tracker device is next to nothing!


The GPS tracker Tractive uses an app installed on a mobile phone with Android or iOS. One glance at a map – and you know where your cat or dog is right now, so you can safely unleash it and do not worry about its whereabouts. Also, there is no need to constantly stare at your phone to be aware what’s going on with your pet. You just need your phone near you to know what your cat is up to and where the dog is wandering, no need to hold it in your hand.

All you need to do is turn on the Geofencing feature where you can set a safe zone for your pet. If it goes beyond its boundaries, an alarm message is sent to a phone. It may be the high time you went and checked what’s going on, possibly saving your rascal from troubles.

Are you imaging right now your carefree pet having a bath in puddle or rolling over in snow what makes the GPS tracker not functioning anymore?
The only thing you should worry is having to wash your pet afterwards as Tractive has a solid housing that meets tightness standard IPX7 of up to 1 m of immersion. Your pet is not afraid of snow, rain or mud? The tracker is also that brave! It’s tightly mounted on the collar with a montage clip and doesn’t constrain your pet in any way, it’s practically unnoticeable. It’s accompanied with yellow or orange LED lightning, what makes walks after dark more stress-free as your pet is easily spotted within 300 metres range. You may choose between various modes of operation: emitting constant light or pulse light in fast or slow mode, similar to the SOS signal. It is powered by a battery that can easily be changed for a new one after ca. 3 months (maximum operating time).

If your pet has given you reasons to worry about its safety and riotous way of life, you shouldn’t think twice about investing in this gear. The GPS tracker Tractive costs £141.90 with an annual subscription (one without the subscription ), what gives just a few pounds a month for being able to track your pet using a smartphone!