Have you ever thought how many times you’ve been back-stubbed? How many times the words of the other person have negative influence on your, position, career or relationship without your awareness? There are many situations, in which your good name is questioned. Unfortunately, in most cases, you are not aware of them as nowadays the golden rule ‘nothing about us without us’ is being constantly neglected. Luckily, modern technology offers a wide variety of solutions which might help you in these kinds of situations. You don’t have to be a professional spy in order to determine if somebody questions your good name or cheats you on.

Your good name can be unjustifiably questioned in many situations. First of all the competition in the company among the workers must be taken into consideration. You might have been working in a company for a long time. You might have done everything in your power in order to be a good worker and support the company’s development. You could have been honest and helpful towards others. Unfortunately, these facts don’t have necessarily mean that your good attitude is not being contested. Your workmates might be amazingly cunning when it comes to fighting for position at work. They may use your words and manipulte them in a way that matches their intentions. You might loose everything you have been working on so hard through the denigration of your workmates. At the same time, you can avoid these kinds of situations thanks to listening devices and wise eavesdropping. The audio recordings might be used in order to prove your honesty or just to identify dishonesty of your co-workers.

Another type of public situations on which it is worth to have control over are different kinds of deals or sales contracts. In many cases it is worth to record the conversations related to these kinds of situations as you are one hundred percent sure that you won’t be defrauded. Even when you take a bank loan it is worth to record the conversations using listening devices or bugs. If the bank worker is not well informed, he could give you the wrong information about the credit. Unless you have the evidence in a form of recording conversation you cannot prove the incompetence of the bank worker. The audio recordings also play into your hands when it comes to shopping, loans or unwritten agreements. These kinds of recorded evidence are undisputed at the court.

Recorded audio evidence might also find its application while considering family relationships. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating you on, you might have an instant access to what is happening in your house. Irrefutable evidence of your partner’s adultery might be later introduced at the court. Furthermore, thanks to listening devices you can easily monitor your child’s behaviour in real time and be sure that he is safe and sound.


Detective Store offers a variety of listening devices and products dedicated to discreet wiretapping. The different features of our products are related to different needs of our customers. Our bugs might be installed in any place as the most of them is equipped with efficient batteries with long operation time without a need of additional power supply from the plug. Our wiretaps might be hidden in everyday items so they do not arouse any suspicion.

Detective Store specializes in listening devices which use GSM as a means of transmission. These kinds of devices are an ideal solution for people who spend a lot of time outside their home or a workplace. GSM technology offers a global range as all you need to do is to call a particular number of a sim card hidden in any object. Therefore, you have a constant and real- time access to what is happening in your house or in the office.

Another group of eavesdropping equipment offered by Detective Store is quartz crystal listening devices and bugs which are characterized by great sound quality. They may operate up to 37 days and are completely undetectable by radio receivers or any other counter surveillance devices. The technology of tunned crystal is used in this class of listening equipment.

Stealth voice recorders are also included in the offer of Detective Store.These kind of devices is often equipped with sound detection function. Therefore, you don’t have to listen to hours of meaningless recordings and have the information you are particularly interested in.

Additionally, our shop offers the advanced listening kits dedicated to hobbyists, amateurs as well as professionals. These are highly advanced devices which are able to pick-up radio frequencies. Stethoscopic or needle-style listening devices can find their application in the case of eavesdropping through a wall.

Our Recommendations

An example of a listening device, which is highly recommended by Detective Store is WSR-2 wiretap recording set hidden in UK-type extension plug available at Detective Store.The device is characterized by high sound quality as well unlimited operation time. The device is hidden in the UK surge protector. While using WSR-2 wiretap you may either record or listen to what is happening in the room. The operation time of the listening device is between 35-109h dependingon the mode and the number of recordings. The device is known for a very high sensitivity. WSR-2 wiretap may also serve as a normal extension plug without arousing any suspicion. The recordings are stored on the MicroSD card in the signal receiver. Therefore, you may examine them either in real-time or later.

Another type of eavesdropping device, which you may desire is a GSM bug secretly hidden in a computer mouse. The main advantage of this type of bug is a global range, thanks to which you can see what is happening from any place in the world! 

Additionally, Detective store offers a service of installing a bug in any object according to your personal need! It provides you new possibilities of wiretapping, in everyday objects, which are hardly considered to be an eavesdropping tool.

Eavesdropping in the eyes of law

Please note, that wiretapping may be sometimes illegal in the eyes of the law. Our products must be used according to the law in accordance with the law. The recording might serve as an evidence in the court.