Dogs are considered as the animals which are most susceptible to training. Tracing back history it can be noticed that the dogs‘ training was much different than the training methods we are offered with nowadays. In the past negative reinforcement was used to punish the dog. Nowadays a positive reinforcement is used more often. Statistics say that 66% of dog owners uses vocal punishment as a training method. The dogs are rewarded by 60% of owners‘ when it comes to desired behaviour. Some owners consider playing with a dog as a crucial part of the training. Whatever the method is, one fact remains undisputed. The more you train your dog the better he behaves. Dogs‘ training also help to built stronger relationships between the animal and the owner.

The basic training for a dog

The well-known commands for dogs are: stay, sit, down and come.

Asking your dog to sit may be easily enforced. Try to follow these simple steps.

  1. a) Make sure that your dog stands directly in front of you;
  2. b) Show him a reward in a form of food kept in one hand
  3. c) Gently stroke your dog from the neck to the tail. And say a word ‘sit‘
  4. d) As the dog is trying to reach the reward say again sit.
  5. e) If the dog does the quest right praise him with the reward and give him food.

Trackimo Tractive for dogs.

Apart from training dogs also require a special care. They must be provided with appropriate security as there are many threats lurking on them all the time. The dogs are often kidnapped or just run away after another dog. It should be noticed that even well-trained dogs tend to cause a lot of troubles.In order to have constant control of your animals GPS trackers for animals have been invented. A variety of such products is available at our store. For example Safe GPS for a dog ‘ Tractive TRATR1 locator available at our store.

Provide your dog with protection of the highest level. It is characterized by waterproof, solid and compact housing. The tracker locates the dog in real time and you are immediately informed about his position. You may also determine the safety zone in which the dog may his time. If the dog goes out of safety zone you will be sent a special signal. Moreover, the device is equipped with LED signalling which helps during the long walks in the darkness.

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