Nowadays Europe experiences a huge effect of mass migration. Due to political reasons a lot of people of Arabian origin moves to European countries. The problem is understandable as long as real emigrants are looking for a real shelter. Unfortunately, some of them leave their countries for financial reasons, which have nothing to do with real shelter and protection of their families. Moreover, many emigrants illegally occupy the territories of other countries trying to impose their own rights and religious beliefs. This article is related the multi-culture situation in the UK as it is massively impacted by the emigrants.

The United Kingdom has experienced massive migrations in the recent years. In the recent time the population of the UK has reported an increased of 10%! The process of migration started from 2001 when the European Union accepted new members. It allowed for problem-free movement of emigrants. Each region of the UK was touched by this phenomenon. However, some regions have become more crowded than others. Big cities were the most impacted by emigrants. The biggest increase in a total population number was reported in England, namely in London. In this city the population rate has increased by 16.6% in the years between 2011 and 2014! The last events in Syria caused another wave of migration.

The Brexit Project

In response to the general dissatisfaction of the UK population, a project called Brexit was created. As the name suggests the project was invented in order to minimize the impact of the European Union on the UK and therefore, prevent from another wave of migrations. The project has its supporters and opponents depending on the subjective opinions. During the referendum carried out in June over 50% of British have declared the willingness to be spelled out of the European Union. The proponents want to be more independent and demand the strict control of the British boarders. The other half is still convinced that UE provides the best profits for its citizens. Therefore, opinions on this subject are divided. Finally, the Brexit project has become successful.

What are the British afraid of?

The positive impact of the European Union is questioned by the British. Why do citizens consider this organization so harmful? It is enought to remind the events from the 7th of July 2005 when the London tube was bombarded by terrorists. Some citizens claim that the more emigrants they welcome, the higher the chance of the terririst attack. These kind of opinions might be understood as the most of the emigrants are Muslims. The followers of Allah stand behind most of the terrorist attacks. They kill other people who are considered ‘unfaithful‘ for the sake of their god. This is why security equipment has become so advanced in the recent years.

Surveillance technology and national security

Apart from government regulations, surveillance technology may serve as a security providing tool. Security gear is installed in all types of federal buildings as well as public spaces such as airports, railway stations or tube. For instance, people who go into these type of buildings should be controlled. A great example of controlling device installed in embassies is Professional walk-through metal detector Garrett PD 6500i available at our store. The gate is able to detect dangerous metal objects. It is ideal solution for places which require special security systems such as airports, railway stations, military facilities or penal institutions. It precisely detects dangerous objects thanks to 33 detection zones. Even very small object such as razor blades may be detected with this device what makes it invaluable during daily controls. It meets with all of the security norms established in the European Union. Additionally it is equipped with LED diodes and sound signalling which provide simple and intuitive operation.

Another problem related to personal security is smuggling. People have always been smuggling different things for the personal benefits. Current technology allows us to easily detect dangerous substances. An example of product which, may provide security in this field is Sas R&D CEK-R‘ Contraband Enforcement Kit with Ultimate Fiberscope‘ available at our store. This is an advanced kit for identification of dangerous substances such as drugs, explosives, radioactive materials or firearms. The set is widely used by security services such as the police, the military or boarder guards. It is very simple in operation and provides reliable results without any ambiguities. Instructional DVD is included in the set. The user is therefore guided through the step-by-step identification process.

We live in times where security systems are an absolute must! The United Kingdom is an example of country which requires a special protection due to political reasons and its position in Europe. By applying technology available at our store we may prevent many tragedies.

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