Searching the land for hidden treasures is not only the domain of pirate stories. Every year, more and more amateurs detect all kinds of metals lying underground. No wonder – it is a great way to spend time outdoors. Especially since a modern metal detector does not have to be an expensive investment. How exactly do these devices operate and what model to choose? Let s find out.

Metal searching – Activity that is more and more popular

Until recently, the use of metal detectors was associated only with professionals. In the past, these devices were mainly used by the army to search military ground for unexploded ordnance and other potential threats, and archaeologists in search for things from past ages. Today, metal detection is becoming an increasingly popular activity used by hobbyists, history enthusiasts and collectors. Universal access to cheap and effective detectors means that virtually everyone can try this activity.

Treasure hunters, both amateurs and professionals, however, must remember the legal restrictions associated with the location of hidden objects. It is also important to choose a metal detector that ensures efficiency while at the same time high ergonomics of use.

How does the metal detector work?

The metal detector generates an electromagnetic field that penetrates deep into the earth. Metal objects within its range generate their own electromagnetic fields, which are then picked up by the detector s coil. The location of the object is indicated by audible or graphic signals (depending on the model). The metal detectors allow you to adjust the search parameters for specific items (e.g. coins or jewelry), identify a specific type of metal, and discriminate against garbage such as cans or caps.

The main element of the metal detector is a coil that creates an electromagnetic field and receives a feedback signal produced by metal objects. In turn, the control panel has electronic circuits responsible for the proper operation of the device and signal processing. Through the panel, the user can adjust the detector functions to their own preferences, e.g. reduce the sensitivity of the device or select a specific search mode.

Is the metal detector legal?

The issue of searching for metal monuments has always been questionable in a legal sense. Until the end of 2017, this act was treated as an offense. From January 1, 2018, the provisions regarding the qualification of the act of illegal search of monuments have changed. Thus, metal detection using a detector is legally recognized as a criminal offense. In practice, conducting searches without obtaining the appropriate permit may result in a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment for up to 2 years. In the event of suspected destruction of an archaeological site, the prison sentence may be up to 8 years. Such strict regulations are explained by fear of destruction or appropriation of potentially valuable archaeological finds. In addition, finds torn out of the cultural layer lose their informative value (so-called cultural context).

Carrying out searches without obtaining the appropriate permit may result in a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment for up to 2 years.

Searching for metal on the beach

According to the regulation of the Maritime Office, searching the beach with a metal detector is allowed without the need to apply for permission from the local Director of the Maritime Office. The seeker must remember, however, that the search area can only be the beach ‘ searching the dunes, cliffs, forest areas, the vicinity of the marina and ports and the national park is not allowed. The search can not be burdensome for sunbathers, and all excavations must be buried. In connection with the restrictions mentioned above, if a historical object is found, it is necessary to inform the local monument conservator.

Garret metal detector – Cheap and efficient metal searching equipment

Among the many metal detector brands available on the market, Garrett models are particularly worth recommending. It is a globally recognized brand that has been supplying the highest class equipment such as detection gates or Garrett metal detectors since 1964. The products of the American manufacturer for both amateur and professional use are characterized by reliability and solidity incomparably higher than competing models. Thanks to this they are effective for searching even in extremely difficult conditions.

ACE Garrett metal detectors have been developed primarily for recreational enthusiasts, but not only. Ease of use makes this class of devices great for even younger people. Thanks to the practical “turn on and search” function, the device is ready to work immediately after switching on – no additional calibration is required. A characteristic feature of ACE models is also the advanced Rhino Tough Proformance coil which allows searching in areas of various shapes. Its ergonomic shape makes it easy to use in hard-to-reach places such as areas close to walls or hedges. Operation of the coil also reduces the impact of soil mineralization on the detector, which significantly increases its effectiveness. Another universal feature of Garrett s devices is the advanced Visual Target ID, Graphic Target Analyzer (GTA) system. It enables efficient selection of finds and distinguishing between worthless garbage and valuable finds.

Metal detector dor begginers and professionals

The basic model worth recommending to all amateur seekers is ACE 150. For a small price we get equipment that works even in difficult weather conditions thanks to the waterproof coil. Three modes of operation (all-metal, jewelry and coin) allow you to easily personalize the search for specific items.

For more demanding searches and for professional use we recommend ACE 400i model. The Garrett metal detector has all the features of the previous model and some new, useful ones. One of them is the intelligent PinPoint search mode, which allows you to track an object using the LCD display. Digital identification of finds, in turn, facilitates the selection of objects with similar properties. ACE 400i is also characterized by a high frequency of 10 KHz, what makes searching for small objects as well as low and medium conductive metals extremely effective.

Which metal detector to choose? Choose the Garrett brand

Treasure hunt is an interesting form of activity that does not require much financial input or special skills. However, before you start your search, prepare well for it – try to obtain the appropriate permission and get sufficiently advanced and proven equipment. If you want the most efficient search for relatively little money, there can be only one choice – the ACE Garrett metal detector with the best price/quality ratio on the market. Thanks to this, you are able to get 100% pleasure from the treasure hunt activity. Following the above-mentioned steps will ensure a trouble-free hobby.

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