With this post we begin a series about best protected buildings and places in the world. There are few of them and getting inside is almost impossible!

The famous military base is placed in Kentucky ‘ on the South of the United States. About 30 thousand people stays in Fort Knox every day. It includes a military school, research centre, Army recruitment and general Patton‘s museum. But that is not the most important thing! The base contains also an American gold treasury. It contains about 147 million ounces of gold! It is presumed that the treasury contains also the Declaration of Independence, Magna Carta and many more important and historical documents.

Such a treasury needs special security and that is why Fort Knox is claimed to be the most protected place on Earth. How to get there? If we try, apart from thousands of soldiers, there are many more impediments:

  • Barricades of three big fences ‘ including two electric with motion sensors
  • The wall of the treasury is 1,3 meters thick ‘ some people claim that it could resist the atom bomb explosion
  • 22-tons door which can be passed only by few workers. It is protected by codes which are changed every day.
  • Video cameras installed on each corner
  • Heat and bullet proof dimmed windows
  • 4 machinegun nests

Obviously, the security systems of Fort Knox are a secret, but some sources provide information about:

  • Fingerprint lines scanners
  • Video cameras identifying a man‘s silhouette
  • Landmines placed between the 2nd and the 3rd fence
  • Satellite system which detects threats and reacts immediately

Would you try a robbery just like in the movies? Nobody has succeeded yet, but did anybody try to do that? There are no official information confirming such events! We can only assume that such advanced secuirty scare off the potential thieves!

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