Each relationship sometimes goes through quarrels and difficult moments. The problem of unfaithfulness and lack of trust also creep into people‘s lives and new technologies sometimes make the situation worse. Is it possible to be unfaithful on the Internet?

The Internet has provided people with unlimited possibilities. Owing to the existence of the Internet, we can contact with others, search for employment, conduct business, read news from all over the world and many things more. It is also a gateway to dating and social media sites as well as chats. It is a great solution for shy individuals but also an excellent possibility to cheat!

The past

Before the access to the Internet became so simple, the problem of infidelity and lack of trust was not a frequent occurrence. Over a decade ago, people were establishing new relationships in a natural way ‘ through a friendly hand shake, e. g. during parties, holiday, or regular meetings over beer. The issue of infidelity crept into people‘s lives much more rarely because it was difficult to set a meeting with a person who did not even possess a mobile phone. On the other hand, hiding a double life was much easier. Our partner could not check our Facebook messages because Facebook did not even exist back then.

Flirting is also infidelity

Infidelity can take many different forms ‘ from sexual intercourse, to hidden expenses, to a secret bank account. Flirting is also part of this group. Social media have revolutionised the way in which we meet new people. Together with the appearance of Facebook and other websites, there occurred a new form of infidelity ‘ on-line flirting. People who are at risk here are mostly individuals who spend a lot of their free time on such social media sites. However, how to recognise that our partner can be deceiving us?

The present

Dating sites are the most popular Internet platforms for meeting new people. They are visited by tens of thousands of users who very often spend most of their day there. By creating a profile on one of those sites, we define our preferences, we shortly describe ourselves, and we share our picture. Then, it is enough to find a person who is within our scope of interest and simply take action. It is a convenient solution for all single and shy individuals and a brazen, yet simple, way leading to a brief affair for those who are in a relationship.


Social Media

We all have various acquaintances on our social media profiles ‘ individuals whom we might have forgotten. Friends from work, friends of friends, or people with whom we attended high school over a decade ago. If you suddenly notice that a totally unfamiliar person is often active on the profile belonging to your beloved other half, it is only natural that you will ask about this person. Monitoring of activity in social media is never a wrong idea, on the condition that it is overtly conducted in both ways. Naturally, we should not expect that our partner will tell us about everything that she or he does on-line, as it would be very unhealthy for our relationship. However, if mobile conversations are more important than you and all on-line activities become a great secret, it is most appropriate to feel concerned.

Smartphones and tablets

Technological gadgets make contacts with other people immensely easy because an increasing number of websites have their equivalents in the shape of mobile apps. Owing to them, users can have a continuous access to the newly met individuals (e. g. on dating sites) but also to their friends on e. g. Facebook. If your partner spends a lot of time with a mobile phone in her or his hand, they are impulsive each time you are close to the device, and they do not want to share with you information concerning their on-line conversations, it might be a sign of flirting. A similar case is a situation when our beloved person quickly and nervously switches off her or his e-mails and websites on the computer that is being used.

 Over a decade ago, when a landline telephone rang, it was surely caused by something serious. Mobile communications introduced a great turnabout and receiving messages even in the middle of the night is not as upsetting for us as it used to be. However, if such situations are commonplace and our partner refuses to even tell us what is going on or is searching for excuses, it might be connected with something inconvenient for the relationship. An additional proof that something is wrong might be the fact that after receiving an instant message or a notification, our partner nervously and quickly reaches for the device. Of course, you never should sneakingly browse through the content of the mobile phone belonging to your partner, due to the fact that even if cheating is really the case, the whole quarrel will be focused on the fact that you were browsing through the partner‘s mobile phone.


Of course, we cannot generalise and presuppose that the situations described above are a clear proof that our partner is cheating on us. In a relationship an honest conversation is extremely important. It should immediately solve all worrying matters. It would be good if you set particular rules concerning on-line behaviour. It is especially important because many people wrongly believe that on-line flirting is not infidelity. Additionally, it is not important what others think about your possible problems, it is important that you feel comfortable with each other in all types of situations. If both partners will be honest with each other, the problem concerning the lack of trust will not occur for sure.

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What can be tested?

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See how to combat infidelity.

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