In April Opera announced it was going to introduce a VPN service in their browser ‘ completely free and not only in a desktop version.

‘We are the first major browser maker to integrate an unlimited and free VPN or virtual private network. Now, you don‘t have to download VPN extensions or pay for VPN subscriptions to access blocked websites and to shield your browsing when on public Wi-Fi‘ ‘ declared Opera on its website.

Whereas most browsers have focused on development, in particular on a mobile devices section, Opera has decided to take care of the users by increasing a level of their anonymity and security in the Internet. As Global Web Index reported, as many as 24% of global web users use ‘ or have tried to use ‘ a VPN service. In a report other reasons for using the VPN technique also have been listed, as better access to the entertainment material (38%), willingness to remain anonymous (30%) or access to the materials inaccessible in a country given.

Functionality is completely free of any charge and delivers options most often met only in commercial software. From now we can be able to hide our IP, tracking our traffic across the Web is more difficult, thus we achieve better privacy.
The second functionality is unblocking of firewalls, what enables viewing materials blocked normally in our country. While connecting to the public networks we are also better secured than an average user and our data are harder to steal.

Opera is going to implement this service into mobile apps. Advanced work has been already started on a stable release for iOS platform. The same is planned for Android in the near future. Opera specialists declare that upon installing their browser we are delivered with the quickest and least vulnerable VPN service, access to 5 localizations (soon there will be many more), the build-in add blockers and tools for blocking trackers. All these extensions will enable us to enjoy the better privacy in the Web.

We published this because we have noticed an increasing interest in the press information relating to the changes in the law, that are going to widen the range of surveillance by the law enforcement agencies. No doubt that such a service, specially a free one, will win approval from all these users who appreciate their privacy and anonymity on the Internet.

When it comes to our personal data privacy, there are many levels, on which it might be controlled. Our phone conversations are an easy target for people who can use our words and messages against us. A solution which provides maximum safety of our phone conversations and messages is Tripleton Enigma E2 available in our shop. Thanks to a combination of innovative alghoritms, the device provides the best protection of your personal data.

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