Do you want to keep your business safe? Gadgets for the entrepreneur will help you to get out of many difficult situations. If you are looking for support in securing your business, see our proposals.

If you have an idea for a great business or product, you need to remember to provide them with the best possible protection.

Often business security is not at the highest level and still requires skilled support. Take matters into your own hands and learn about the devices that will help you run your business.

Detection of wiretaps in the company

A wiretap can be hidden virtually anywhere. If you want to attempt to secure your business, you cannot forget about wiretap detection. The decision to choose the right equipment is extremely difficult, but at this point it is worth betting on professional equipment from a proven brand.

An important feature is the ease of use. Given that you are not a specialist in this field, the instant and simple functioning of the device will be a great convenience for you.

If you cannot afford a large expense, you should be interested in cheap wiretap detectors. Here we especially recommend the RF Bug Detector spy camera and wiretap detectorThis model does not require specialized knowledge and prior training. All you have to do is activate the device and check if it signals the presence of an eavesdropper.

Can you afford to spend more money? Entrepreneurs praise the Protect 1206i analog and digital eavesdropping detector which searches the room in a comfortable manner. The detector has a compact and robust metal casing, which guarantees durability and reliability.

Surveillance of computers and telephones

Wondering how you can control company computers and phones? Most employers do not realize that they have such a possibility. It is worth noting that failure to do so can have significant consequences when it comes to business security. It is not necessarily about wasting employees time, e.g. by browsing social media, but about leaking information that can be used by the wrong people.

For computer monitoring, SpyLogger Pro Cloud, which can work on 4 devices simultaneously at the same time, is a great choice. It stands out with features such as:

  • recording keyboard movements,
  • reading browsing history,
  • controlling storage media,
  • notification of suspicious activity,
  • printer monitoring.

GPS locators – Where do employees go?

A GPS system allows an employer to monitor where a company vehicle is located. Installing them in the car is perfectly legal. If you need to mount a locator to your car, it is best to locate it under the hood – so that it is connected to the battery.

In our store GPS locator MT90 Server is on the list of bestsellers to track your car with Internet access. Customers appreciate it above all:

  • accurate tracking up to 5 meters,
  • built-in antenna,
  • waterproof, indestructible housing,
  • long operation time up to 24 hours,
  • annual access package,
  • global coverage,
  • simple operation.

In recent years, a lot of offenses committed by employees have been detected with the help of GPS locators. Most often, they commit mistakes such as:

  • driving non-standard routes,
  • speeding on the road,
  • using vehicles to run their personal errands,
  • lack of sufficient rest while driving (exceeding daily norms).

Business trust is one of the most important elements when working with a partner company. Therefore, it is worth taking care of safety while discussing the most important matters concerning the cooperation.

It is not uncommon to encounter threats resulting from recording conversations or video footage during meetings. Information recorded in this way can expose the company to danger and, above all, to financial loss.

Remember: During business meetings, participants should sit reasonably close to each other and conversations should be as quiet as possible.


Before an important meeting you should make sure that the group is not being recorded or monitored. A helpful device may be the MNG-300 noise generator, which is designed to ensure fully secure business conversations. The mobile device prevents surveillance from microcameras, eavesdroppers, portable microphones and voice recorders. It works by creating noises and crackles that make it impossible to listen to sounds and voices at a later time.

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