Out of many great inventions of humanity, the development of the automobile is surely one of the things that we could not do without nowadays. Can you imagine taking a horse carriage to visit your aunt in Brighton, waiting for a pigeon to bring you a letter or not having a delicious pizza delivered at your house while it is still warm? These examples may be a bit extreme, but you have to admit that the car gave us freedom! We can do heavy shopping, take the family outside the city for a Sunday brunch or travel whenever and wherever we like.

Driving security systems

In the 21st century cars are equipped with features to make us feel safe like seat belts, air bags, parking sensors and also high-tech systems, among others, ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), BAS (Brake Assist System), TRF (Traffic Sign Recognition) and others. Generally, the more expensive the car, the more safety you are guaranteed with. But the most important element of every automobile is its driver. We are aware that road traffic accidents are the largest cause of injury-related deaths in the world yet we often take reckless decisions concerning our ability to drive. The most grievous one is sitting behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol.


Drink-driving penalties

The penalties for drink-driving range from fine to ban from driving or even imprisonment. Not to mention the mental distress connected with hurting someone. As per the drinkware.co.uk, over 200 people were killed in accidents in the UK in 2013 due to drink-driving! What can you do to check whether you or your employees are fit to drive? Check it with a breathalyzer, Detective Store offers a wide range of products suitable for various users with different needs.
We would especially like to recommend the offer from the Dräger manufacturer which has been on the market since 1889 and has evolved into an international leader in medical and safety technology that is one step ahead of its competitors.

Our solutions

If you are looking for a reliable breathalyzer for personal use in a good price, try Dräger 3820 – the personal breathalyzer with an electrochemical sensor and a modern look. It is light and ergonomic, easy to operate by using just one button, has graphic readable LCD display, provides quick and reliable results and the battery enables to take up to 1500 tests. You can store the last ten measurements. Perfect for testing yourself or your loved ones before getting into a car or for checking sobriety of your employees.

For company owners, checking alcohol level of their drivers is a must. In our offer we have a professional electrochemical breathalyzer dedicated for employers –  Dräger Alcotest® 5820. This device’s sensitive sensor (up to 2.5 mg/l) and easy operation enable simple, safe and quick testing. Thanks to the ability to work in various temperatures (from -5°C to +50°C), it is useful in various conditions. Can be operated with right and left hand, what provides comfort of use and durable battery allows for about 1500 measurements. An interesting feature is the passive test mode, in which the breathalyzer takes a sample from the ambient air and not directly from a person’s mouth. It is compatible with hygienic “slide’n’click” mouthpieces where the tested person does not have to touch the device or its operator.

In case of limited trust concerning your employees or people having problems with alcohol a good solution is Dräger Interlock® 7000 which is an immobilizer with alcohol blockade. The set consists of two parts: the breathalyzer itself and the control unit with immobilizer that needs to be plugged into the network. The mechanism of action is easy – once the ignition is on, the device prompts the driver to give a breath sample and, if the result is positive, the car does not start. You may be remotely informed about passing or not passing a test thanks to the GPS module. Moreover, access to the breathalyzer data is protected and any attempt to alter gathered results is detected and also stored. This model ensures quick and efficient results in all situations. It does not only show the level of alcoholic intoxication but actually acts as a preventive measure that cannot be bypassed by a person that has drunk alcohol and wants to drive a car.


Except for the Dräger breathalyzers themselves we have in offer a broad range of accessories for these devices. From various mouthpieces and cassettes for saliva samples to wireless IR printer for printing test results that utilises dye-sublimation print technology. Therefore, no ink cartridges are required. Do not hesitate to visit the Detective Store as we are an authorized distributor and importer of Dräger so you can be sure that you get a high quality product from the manufacturer.
We buy many gadgets for our cars like GPS, driving recorders, fancy sound systems, LCD displays and such but we often forget about getting a breathalyzer that should be a standard equipment of each automobile. Invest in your security and life of your loved ones and other people, avoid penalties like losing your driving license, financial loss or prison. Drive safe with Detective Store and Dräger!