There is rather a numerous group of persons who don‘t specially like the end of summer. Once everyone of us was a member of this group. Who are they? They are school kids and students, of course. The beginning of September means the end of summer holidays. But keep in mind that the end of holidays is not the end of threats. We have touched lately in our blog an important and difficult subject of missing children. What to do in case a kid is missing and how to protect a child against missing. Today we are going to continue the topichow to increase security of our beloved outside home with focus on GPS locators.

September is also a good time to consider to equip our kids with devices that would provide to them moresecurity not only at school but specially outside its area. The modern technology can help parents a lot.Thanks to the specialized but easy operated tools the parents can monitor a kid‘s route to school and return, and to protect against cyber bullying as well.

A colorful GPS for a child

We have mentioned about this device in our last publication. It‘s a modern, miniaturized device granting alocalization with a precision up to 8 m (25ft). The built-in GPS and GSM aerials make the operation of devicepossible without any additional external aerials. The built-in speaker allows for recording ambient sounds,enabling the detection of any threat and immediate response. Pressing an SOS button by a child not only starts sending an alarm message to a preset number, but also enables an immediate connection to this number, asthe speaker is used also as a microphone.

Innovative accumulator offers 12h of continuous operation or 140h in a sleeping mode. The battery recharging operation takes usually 5-6h. Very low weight and dimensions (43 g!) allows for hiding a locator somewhere in the clothes, in a pen or in school bag. But there is more! The locator can be hidden in a prepared turtle toy. The toy has a special sewn-in pocket, which doesn‘t attenuate a speaker/microphone capabilities. In this form it can also serve as a key ring or pendant attached to a school bag or pencil box.

You can check whether you child will like it!
*GPS P66 colorful locator for a child*

GPS locator in a kid‘s watch

Another product worth recommendation is a GPS locator in a watch providing a functionality of mobile. The manufacturer designed it for the elderly persons, however, it also works great in case of the minors. GPS V-88 tracker is an excellent tool to get known the current location of our kid. In addition, the device guarantees a high precision, as it‘s able to locate a person with an accuracy within 15 ‘ 30 ft (5 ‘ 15 m).

An SMS sent to the device number starts a locating process which ends just after few seconds with sending back an SMS message with the present GPS coordinates and a link to Google map! In addition, the tracker allows a user to make three connections to the preselected numbers. Last but not least, a view of a personmaking a conversation via a watch is impressive, isn‘t it?

As much as this can surprise someone, make them laugh or arouse envy in someone (a watch-phone is a nice gadget) we should remember that in the critical situations we can save not only health, but even a life of our kid, because we are able to communicate with an owner of the device by means of the SOS button. The device enables us also to tap the surroundings. The time of operation is worth mentioning: when the devicesends location reports 20 times during 24 h, it‘s able to operate three days, and 7 days in a stand-by mode. The watch itself is made of good quality materials and there is no difference between it and a typical watch of a good class. Also the comfort of use is the same. The tracker is easy in operation and your kid will experience no problems in operating with it. As it also has a built-in mp3 player, we think a kid would feel really invited to get known all its functionalities. It‘s very likely your kid will learn the tricks of its operation considerably faster than you. The device can be worn all year long, as it works independently from the ambient weather conditions.

For you we can hide a GPS everywhere

Have you wondered if your kid might have a GPS tracker in his/her favorite toy, in pencil box, smart phone or watch? Detective Store offers the services of highly qualified specialists who are able to install a GPS tracker in any object of everyday use

GPS devices as popular as they are, are not the only solution we can offer to the troubled parents. We all know the Internet is not only the wonderful source of knowledge and entertainment. It‘s also a place attended by people who have no good intentions towards the kids. The Internet is a space of prey-hunters like pedophiles or persons encouraging the trustful kids for live shows in front of the Internet cams. There are also frauds, swindlers and burglars, who extract the information about kids‘ parents‘ place of residence and work, and family life routine. It‘s really worth our attention and interest to get known what our kid is doing in the Internet.

Detective Store software for spying kid‘s phone

Our application enables the parents to keep under surveillance the smart phones:
‘ Inquiry of MMSs and SMSs
‘ Preview of connection history
‘ Presenting the web pages viewed

Except for these basic functionalities we are able to tap the surroundings of a smart phone. GPS is able to locate the device with an accuracy up to 15 ft (5m). All these functionalities allow us to protect our kid against a potential influence of a bad company, but they are also useful in case a smart phone is lost or stolen. We just send an SMS to the monitored smart phone number and within seconds we have response with information on its position.
Look for more info  ‘ GPS monitoring and tapping a phone of an employee Detective Store Android Pro

When we about to send our kids to school, we should take due care not only about their school kit and all what is necessary at school. Providing the kids with this device (and other available in our offer) will grant their parents more comfort and peace of mind, and more security to the young persons. Buying a GPS locator is a considerable one-off expenditure. As all the preparations related to equipping kids coming back to school usually add up to a considerable amount of money, the parents can come to conclusion they can‘t afford to spend more. There are few reasons to start saving money to buy a locator for a kid:

‘ such devices of good brands are durable and can work for many years to come;
‘ they can be used not only by the kids, but also by the elderly persons (they perform efficiently both in kid‘s security and everyday care of other persons, e.g., those suffering from Alzheimer‘s disease)
‘ many various applications can be found to use them

When we divide the amount of money spent on a GPS locator by the number of months (the potential period of time the device would be used by a kid) we‘ll find that the total cost calculated in this way is not very high and the device is far more affordable. We must remember that in a natural way it will come this very day when our kid is not taken by a hand and accompanied as far as to the school entrance, but he/she will take a school bag in the morning and leaves home alone. This makes a really memorable day and experience for both parties. It‘s a huge step towards growing up and becoming a young adult person for a kid, but both a reason of great pride and stress for their parents. Especially during this transitional time a GPS locator can immediately help and spot the position of a young kid what make their parents breathe a sigh of relief.

We believe you have read our advices. Now you can think twice.

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