There is more to huntsmanship than meets the eye. Apart from hunting itself, the bigger picture includes taking care of the environment, regulation and control of what is happening in the forests. Few people realise that it is actually a very challenging and absorbing duty. With the huntsmen‘s needs in mind, we have introduced specialist gear into our product range, to let them perform their task with the help of high quality equipment of worldwide renown.

What is this all about?

Armasight is a manufacturer of specialist scopes, night vision devices and thermal imaging cameras and sights. Most of their models can be adjusted to the user‘s preferences. Some of them can be modified due to the type of utilised sensor, mounting system, or additional accessories. Armasight is well prepared to meet the demands of every client imaginable.

Among their products there is the ‘Bit‘ model, offering 10x magnifcation.

As a highly functional device, the Armasight Bit digital night vision monocular allows to conduct observation in low light conditions and during night time. It is also perfectly capable of operating at daytime. Due to optics of unmatched quality and the device‘s compact construction, Armasight Bit night vision device is a perfect instrument to use in adverse conditions.

Why Bit?

One can easily find a number of night vision ‘gadgets‘ resembling professional tools for night time observation. They are cheap‘ and that is basically their only advantage. Armasight Bit combines more assets than one could expect from such a device. Let us focus on its most important features.

Daytime and night time operation

With Armasight Bit, the operator does not need to possess separate instruments for observation in daylight and in nocturnal conditions. The device‘s digital controls allow the user to intuitively adjust image brightness. There is no need to detach the device, nor to recalibrate it every time. It saves the user‘s time and money, allowing them to focus on tasks at hand.

Comfort of use

The name Armasight became synonymous with quality and durability. Due to its precisely crafted lenses, covered with multiple layers of anti-reflective coating, the Bit guarantees clear and distortion-free image. For a more discreet operation, it can be connected to an external display, allowing for remote observation of the target. Moreover, it is possible to connect the night vision device to a dedicated recorder.

Do not be afraid to invest!

Most of the readily available night vision devices meet only the most basic of requirements put for this type of appliances. They offer very short range of vision and questionable quality, being infamous for their lack of adjustment possibilities frequent malfunctions. However, you are not doomed to those devices. Those who have encountered Armasight products know that they are an absolute ‘must have‘ for any professional worth their salt. The company‘s 140 years of experience at developing specialist products guarantees the topmost, world-class quality of their night vision devices.

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