The coronavirus pandemic is spreading rapidly. The virus has already reached almost every place in the world. In times of high infection risk appropriate precautions must be taken. One of the effective tools for protecting public facilities and buildings, i.e. airports, hospitals, prisons or government institutions is a metal detection gate UB500-T with temperature measurement function. This is also an antiviral device. Let s have look at the features of this equipment and see in what circumstances it can be useful.

Coronavirus – A thread to society

The coronavirus epidemic has completely changed our reality. Cinemas, theaters and museums have been closed, as well as schools and colleges. Meals from the restaurants are available only to take away. More and more people choose to stay at home, work remotely and do shopping online. The precautionary measures taken can greatly reduce the spread of the virus. However, not all places can be completely closed. Without operating airports and stations, intercity communication and logistics the world would be completely paralyzed, and this could lead to many problems (including the supply of goods). Administrative offices, police stations, prisons, pharmacies and – above all – hospitals and clinics also cannot close their facilities. Thus, protection against coronavirus is very important in these places.

However, it is necessary to apply strict forms of control to both staff and clients in these institutions. How to do it? The solution is to use advanced antiviral devices that allow quick diagnosis of a potentially infected person. One of such devices created for state institutions and government institutions is SE1206 – a metal detection gate with temperature measurement function. Placing the device at the entrance to a given building guarantees full control over the situation and provides increased security and protection against coronavirus disease.

UB500-T Gate – effective anti-virus device

The vast majority of detection gates available on the market only locates hidden metal objects. The UB500-T also has this functionality. Thanks to six detection zones and high adjustable sensitivity (in the range of 0-255) the equipment detects all potentially dangerous items (knives, firearms) and at the same time eliminate harmless objects such as coins or keys.

However, the most important feature in the context of the fight against coronavirus spread is the previously mentioned precise temperature measurement function. The process is done by bringing your forehead or wrist closer to the sensor located on the left edge of the device. If a temperature above 36,6 degrees Celsius is detected, the device will inform the operator with an audible and visual signal. The gate is also equipped with a counter of inspections made and alarms detected, which is a key issue during inspections in hospitals or military facilities. The device helps to protect many people from coronavirus disease.

Protection against coronavirus for institutions and government facilities during epidemic

The UB500-T detection gate is an advanced tool that facilitates reliable and quick control of people suspected of being infected with coronavirus. Placing it at the entrances to hospitals, warehouses, office buildings or military facilities significantly increases the safety during an outbreak of coronavirus disease and other viruses. The temperature measurement function is particularly useful at airports, i.e. in places where people use public transport.

It is also worth noticing that when organizing mass events and other larger gatherings will be again possible, protection against viruses will still be one of the elementary security measures. The UB500-T gate as an antivirus device is therefore an investment that will provide protection for citizens in public for a long time after the epidemic.

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