In such a difficult period as the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic, keeping citizens safe is a major challenge. The problem is compounded by the dizzying pace of the disease spread and the lack of a vaccine. Fortunately, there are other methods to fight the pathogen. One of them are temperature measurement gates, e.g. SE-1008 gate. These devices ensure quick health control in public places, thus can significantly reduce the spread of COVID-19 disease. What is worth knowing when deciding to purchase such equipment? Here is a reply and some good advice.

Coronavirus VS the world

As a result of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the whole world had to face a new, dangerous reality. SARS-CoV-2 not only forced a change in habits, but also caused the introduction of numerous restrictions in the sphere of professional and public life. Having to wear masks and disinfecting hands, maintaining social distancing, while undoubtedly burdensome, can help limit the pandemic.

In the era of danger, employers and people in power faced a particularly great challenge. It is their responsibility to ensure sanitary safety in workplaces and public places such as airports, shopping malls, schools, universities and hospitals. This is a difficult task, especially since COVID-19 disease does not cause any visible symptoms in many cases.

So how to quickly and efficiently detect potentially sick people? An effective method is the purchase of a temperature measurement gate with an IR sensor. These devices resemble metal detection gates found at airports and museum entrances. In contrast, thermometer gates are used to identify people with higher body temperature. As fever is one of the basic symptoms of COVID-19 disease, this method is very effective as a preventive tool.

Infrared thermometers and thermal imaging cameras were quickly adapted to fight the pandemic. Already in March, the owner of the City Farmers grocery chain in Georgia installed thermal imaging cameras at the entrances to their shops. In the same month, a similar system emerged at Mexico s international airport. It was just the beginning – more companies and state institutions started to equip themselves with cameras and detection gates. Such equipment at the airport, bus station or in front of the entrance to the shopping center does not surprise anyone today.

Detection gates, as well as other anti-virus devices, are slowly becoming not so much an option, but a necessity. As daily reports show, the pandemic is unlikely to end anytime soon. Only in Poland, there are several hundred new cases every day, and the total number of cases worldwide has exceeded 22 million (at the time of writing this text). Such a serious situation is primarily influenced by the high degree of contagiousness of the pathogen, several times greater than that of the influenza virus.

How does the temperature measurement gate work?

The most important element of the SE-1008 gate, for example, is the IR sensor placed on one of the arms of the structure. Infrared is the invisible electromagnetic radiation emitted by an organism with a temperature above absolute zero. IR thermometers are equipped with a detector which determines the body temperature based on the amount of emitted infrared light.

To measure the temperature, a person passing through the gate brings their forehead or wrist to the sensor within a few centimeters. An alarm sounds when a fever is detected. The measurement takes place without contact, which reduces the risk of spreading the coronavirus and does not cause discomfort to the inspected person.

The temperature measurement process is also completely safe, also for children and pregnant women. So there are no restrictions concerning the placement of the gate as long as it is under a roof. These devices are rarely adapted to external use.

Temperature measurement gates – Rely on certified products

We already know how the detection gate works. But still, there is also the question of choosing the right equipment. It is not that simple. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the market has been inundated with hundreds of antivirus devices produced by companies that are founded almost overnight. It is easy to guess that a large part of these devices does not have appropriate markings, such as the CE certificate, which confirms the products compliance with the quality standards in the European Union. Equally important is the ISO certificate given to companies whose products and services comply with generally applicable standards. When choosing a specific gate, make sure that it has the necessary certificates.

The SE-1008 gate for temperature measurement – certified equipment. A sensitive IR sensor guarantees precise temperature measurement in the range of ‘ 0.1 C. The high throughput of this model is also noteworthy – according to the manufacturer s assurances, potentially up to 70 checks per minute are possible.

The device has a counter, which makes it easier to control the number of people passing it and create reports. The SE-1008 gate is also available in a version with a second sensor located below the first. It is a solution designed to control temperature of children and people in wheelchairs.

Detection gate – The best solution for a pandemic

Thanks to the SE-1008 gate, the control of customers, employees and patients is not only fast and effective, but also completely safe. Mass temperature measurement facilitates the detection of potentially sick people and allows them to be referred for further diagnostic tests.

Temperature measurement gates also provide the psychological comfort of employees who, for various reasons, cannot switch to the home office mode. It is better to prevent than to cure – this proverb most accurately defines the need for detection gates in todays difficult times.

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