Not so long ago we have introduced into our offer a series of devices of GSCI brand. No doubt, they are of highest quality, what will be proven hereafter. Now we proudly present TIB-5000 – a long-range thermal vision binoculars for hunters and soldiers.

General Starlight Company International (GSCI) was established in 1992 and it started producing high quality night and thermal vision equipment. Amongst them we can find also TIB-5000 binoculars – a model that will never let its user down – even in the harsh conditions.

GSCI professionals found a balance between possibilities and performance of thermal vision device and its ergonomics. The basic parameter worth our attention is detection of humans and vehicles. A DRI parameter of TIB-5000 binoculars is 3200 m. The DRI is a parameter describing effective distance of recognition. D stands for Detection (a detection of a single object), R for Recognition (recognition of a type of an object, e.g. a human or vehicle) and I for Identification (identification of details – a civil or soldier, a truck or armored vehicle). Detection of vehicles reaches as far as 8 km what makes a very good result, taking into account small dimensions and low weight of the device.

The next important point are lenses covered with Germanium layer with a 50, 75 or 100 mm focal length what generate respectively x2, x3 and x3 magnification. TIB 5000 also offers a choice of vision display in 2 modes – white/black hot and white hot/black. Thanks to this solution the display can be easily adjusted according to the user‘s preference. There are 2 available resolutions: 384‘288 px or 640‘480 px with FPA from 50 to 65 mK.

A build-in OLED micro display of 600 x 800 resolution displays a clear and readable image.

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In case we would long for more, CGSI offers an additional solution. An external OLED HMD 800 display allows us to share a view with another operator or to fire a shot in a quick and safe way, e.g. a shot round corner. Such a configuration is supported with a built-in rangefinder, what enables to measure a distance quickly and fire a shot.

Operation time of the thermal binoculars is round 7 hours, but replacing the batteries with new ones is very quick and makes no problem even while wearing tactical gloves.

Thermal vision devices by GSCI are dedicated mainly to professional usage as tactical operations in the open or enclosed areas. The producer gives the 7-year warranty.

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