Top 10 professions for flying drones

Drones are already actively used for shooting from a height, and their perspective has been considered in the defense industry.


Last year the Quadrocopter GoPro was able to discover an ancient settlement in Mexico. It happened because the thermal imager was hung on the robot, and he showed the location of cold areas under the sand, where archaeologists could find ancient burials.

Dons-assistants on ISS

Last year, Project Tango and NASA decided to work together to create standalone drones, assistants, which will help astronauts in their daily lives. These drones have the shape of spheres and are designed to work in weightlessness. Thanks to the development of Google in the field of AR-reality, people can create a 3D model of the surrounding space, which makes the navigation of bots much easier.

A month later, Google announced the acquisition of such a company and plans to create a bunch of networks of satellites, lasers, and drones that can provide Internet coverage of the entire Earth. As a result, the IT giant became the owner of the Titan Aerospace brand, and this should provide an Internet connection in hard-to-reach areas of the planet. Solar-powered robots have been used successfully for more than a year, so to achieve the goal it remains to teach them to fly and equip with more powerful transmitters. The necessary number of satellites is already present in orbit.

Ambulance Drone

A drone may not always look like a small quadrocopter. This was confirmed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where they developed mini-helicopters, which can be operated on a remote basis. These drones will deliver medicines and supplies to hard-to-reach territories of the planet. Such transportation will cost several times cheaper than using another type of transport: a helicopter or a car.


Recently, the media reported that the drones will be used by Amazon and Alibaba in order to deliver orders. While both companies are actively looking for a way to cope with legislative prohibitions, it is possible that they will succeed, because Google has joined this task. Drones not only move goods but also actively deliver pizza. One of the biggest pizzerias in the world, Dominos Pizza, used them. They had their own Dom Kopters two years ago. Since that moment, technologies have become much more developed, and it is possible that in the near future such speedy delivery will become a reality.

Drone Sanepidemiologist

This drone can be involved in construction, and more specifically – before it starts. The robot examines the construction site to see if there are sanitary and epidemiological requirements and standards for this or that level of height. In addition, it is possible to measure the level of electromagnetic and radioactive radiation on the site. With the help of a drone examine the nearby area, measure the noise level, radiation at a certain height.


Flying banners can be seen around business centers, at lunchtime they call hungry “white-collar workers” to visit their establishments.

Drone Journalist

Since these flying devices are able to see everything from above, they can become excellent assistants for media workers. This is understood by the University of Missouri, where future journalists are studying the course of management of drones.


The drone not only with a built-in video camera and sensors that react to movement but also with an electroshock pistol (charge of 80,000 volts), can replace the guards at the post. A similar experience exists with the Deutsche Bahn railway company: they used drones to find out who spoiled the train cars with graffiti. For these purposes, drones were purchased, which flew above the tracks at an altitude of 150 meters and descended as soon as they noticed something suspicious.

Drones in amusement parks

Disney introduces drones in its aerial views. According to the idea, air puppets will be used, which are controlled by drones. The system is going to be fully integrated into the ground control station, which controls the flight of devices during the presentation. Employees of Disney believe that this will allow them to get rid of the restrictions that are now in the air numbers. Also, these aircraft can be used on holidays and corporate parties, where you can arrange for entertaining competitions of combat copters.

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