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Previously considered mainly as a curiosity, they are now used in various areas of life to ensure anonymity. We are talking about voice changers, professional devices that mask the timbre of the voice of the person making the telephone call. This offers a wide range of possibilities that can be used by both professional and amateur users. Journalistic investigations or probing employees/family members are just some examples. But are voice modulators perfectly legal? How do these devices work and when is it worth using them? For answers to these questions, we invite you to today s article.

Voice modulation – Not only for spies

Nowadays, anonymity is a scarce commodity. Making a phone call even from a restricted number does not guarantee discretion – there is always the risk that the caller will recognise your voice or decide to record the conversation. This is a troublesome problem, especially since discretion is often useful.

This is where a professional voice modulator comes to the rescue. These easy-to-use devices are used to change the sound of the human voice so that it cannot be recognised. The result is complete anonymity on the telephone. Spouses and parents, for example, use this option to check on a partner suspected of infidelity or a child who has been away from home for too long. In a short, anonymous conversation, it is often possible to “find out” what the other person is doing, where they are or who they are with. A change of voice can also be helpful when looking for a debtor or family member in hiding.

The voice modulator is a common tool in the professional sphere as well. It allows private detectives to maintain discretion and anonymity when gathering information, while investigative journalists gain a tool for journalistic provocation. Voice modulators are also used by businessmen and business owners to probe a potential business partner or check on an insecure employee.

The possibilities of this invention are therefore quite considerable – a properly used voice modulator will facilitate obtaining information or simply dispel doubts that torment us. The use of these devices is also completely legal – unless, of course, they are used for outright fraud or to gain trade secrets.

How does a voice changer work?

A voice modulator alters the basic waveforms of the human voice through the microprocessors used in their construction. The pitch and tone are then changed, and distortion is added. The result is that your voice becomes completely unrecognisable – for example, a man may sound like a woman, or vice versa. Using the modulator is extremely simple.

The device is plugged into the headphone input of a mobile phone – then it plays a role similar to a standard headset. The user can adjust the modulation level to get the desired result. The voice changer is usually small in size, which makes it easy to transport – especially important for business people who make frequent business calls.

Voice changer for telephone conversations

There are many different voice modulators on the market at a wide range of prices – but it is not worth going for the cheapest solutions. Basic voice changers are not only unreliable, but also unsuitable for telephone conversations. They are mainly used for entertainment purposes, e.g. at parties or birthday parties. A much better idea is a professional solution.

Such equipment is the JS-2013 voice modulator. This modern modulator has been developed to work with mobile and landline telephones. Among the biggest advantages of this model is its wide tonal range – the user can change the voice to male or female in a wide range. The device is battery powered, so it can be used anywhere and anytime – for example, while travelling.

An alternative solution is the Digiscan Labs iStranger voice changer for telephone calls. This model allows you to change your voice in a range of two modes – LOW and HIGH. The change can be made before or during a call to reduce the risk of unmasking. The device works with most smartphones available on the market, and a powerful power supply provides 6 hours of continuous operation. Both of the above hardware solutions have one thing in common – complete anonymity during phone calls. The voice changer will simply and discreetly help you obtain information or probe an employee, spouse or child.

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