The first concert of your child, an important meeting, an interesting lecture or an interview with a celebrity. You may want to have all these occurrences recorded.You need to be certain that your child is safe at school or at home when left alone. At times, you doubt if your partner is faithful. And what if you decide to try out a nursery or a baby sitter? It happens that you require evidence against your boss who abuses you and your neighbour when they assault you verbally. No matter the situation, you have them at your disposal – voice recorders.

Some decisions to use them seem controversial. Sometimes questions arise when you want to record people at your office or at a nursery putting a device in a teddy bear. We put on safety. We show you devices that can make you and your loved ones secure and safe.

Needless to mention that voice recorders are also largely used by all sorts of services. There are many kinds of recorders; simple and easy to use or more advanced. Some of them are complex, integrated systems, difficult to be discovered by wiretap detectors, some may work long hours with no break, the others can work at a distance. The choice is yours.

Spy voice recorder in a pen Dictaphone MQ-77

Would you notice a simple pen? Probably you wouldn`t even care about it. And it is the main advantage of the Dictaphone MQ-77, hidden in a stylish pen, which takes also audio notes. An efficient battery enables uninterrupted functioning up to 12 hours, and the possibility of activation with sound, saves memory of the device.

The voice recorder won’t start recording until a specific sound intensity appears. The pen can be left in the office, consulting room or anywhere else for all day and thanks to it, you will know what happened during your absence. If you fear that somebody could take it, don’t leave it together with other office utensils because a sensitive microphone records sounds from the distance of 10 m.

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A voice recorder in a fit armband – Dictaphone MVR-200

Fit armbands, monitoring the number of steps and your pulse, are becoming more and more popular. Why not to place a discreet voice recorder, the digital dictaphone MVR-200 in the armband? It won`t be suspect to anybody. To start or stop recording, you simply touch the band on your wrist. You only have to remember not to cover the band with long sleeves! This sensitive device will record talks from the distance of 5-6 m, depending on acoustic conditions. The range of the microphone will be smaller in a loud pub than in a quiet cafe. Therefore, remember to choose a place in relation to the person you want to record. The 8 GB memory will find room for 140 hours of recordings and the voice recorder can work continuously for 18 hours with no break.

A digital dictaphone in a USB stick Dictaphone MQ-U350

White is the colour of innocence and black a symbol of mystery. The spy dictaphone MQ-U350 build-in a USB stick is available in these two colours. Both models don`t draw people attention. The voice recorder hidden in a pendrive can be used in an office, in a car, in a play room of a child and at a business meeting. After being connected to the USB port, the device is uninterruptedly powered and can work continuously.

A voice recorder not only for detectives Dictaphone Esonic MemoQ MR-240

A professional dictaphone Esonic MemoQ MR-240 for detectives possesses a display LCD, which significantly eases its use. The display enables record parameters changing, files modification and recordings replay directly from the recorder. Esonic MemoQ MR-240 can be also used as a device for an open interviews recording. Thanks to just one battery AAA, the voice recorder can work uninterruptedly for fast 24 hours. Depending on a chosen mode of recording, the model can save even up to 1152 hours of recording in MP3 or PCM format. It is a discreet solution for your home and office, which makes you possible not only eavesdropping. This way, you can record conversations with helplines consultants, make complaints and lead business negotiations at a distance.

A mini recorder for parental use. Dictaphone Edic mini Tiny+A77 HQ

Mini voice recorder Edic mini Tiny+A77 HQ may be designed to control a child or a teenager, but can also be used to record workers or business meetings. A sensitive microphone ensures a noiseless sound recordings even at a distance of 12 m. An advanced parameters configuration make possible the adaptation of the recording to surrounding conditions. The mini recorder may not only be activated with sound but also possesses a working mode for scheduled tracks which are marked with dates and time and have serial numbers. Every attempt to interfere into the file will be spotted. In case of 8 GB memory being filled up, overwriting files mode will start ‘ the oldest recording will be replaced with new ones.

If you decide to use scheduled tracks, the device will also record moments of silence in the surrounding, however, the content will possibly be played with omission of them and this, thanks to advanced software EMPlus. Would you need a transcription, SoundProcessor application will convert recordings into a text file.


The Simplest spy voice recorders, as those hidden in armbands or pens, are suitable for private use, when we want to record a dialogue with a dishonest worker, an unfaithful partner or with someone who we don`t trust and we want to have irrefutable evidence of their oral promises.

More advanced devices are designed to the most demanding professionals who use spy equipment i everyday activities, however, the kind of devices may be useful for worried parents and mistrustful bosses.

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