Keylogger is spy software to be installed on a computer or a spying device to be plugged into a computer. Basic keylogger saves all text typed using a computer keyboard. Advanced models have more functions like taking screenshots, sending reports to e-mail, storing history of browsing and opened apps.

Installation of software keylogger, which sends logs on a pre-defined e-mail address, usually takes less than a minute. Thanks to a keylogger that sends stored data straight to your e-mail, you just need to open your inbox to learn what pages a person spied on visited, what messages they wrote and to whom and more.

  • Do you suspect your spouse or partner of cheating?
  • Does it seem that someone uses your computer when you are not around, even though only you know the password?
  • Do you want to check on your employees whether they work honestly or are cyberslackers?
  • Are you worried that your child spends too much time in front of a computer and hides from you conversations with strangers or visit porn sites?
No more cheating, lies and not protecting your child from strangers!

Keylogger is a simple solution for discreet monitoring of a company and home computer, so the truth will always come out. Which keylogger to choose ‘ a hardware or software one?

Hardware keylogger – How to use it?

Hardware keylogger, like the KeyGrabber WiFi Premium 2GB PS/2 with sending data directly to mailbox, is inserted between a PS/2 port and a keyboard (or between an USB port and a keyboard in case of the USB model). No need to install additional software as it automatically starts to save data entered using a keyboard.

You could say that this equipment is dedicated to copywriters as 2 GB of internal memory can store up to 1 000 000 text pages!

Keylogger – How to read the report?

Keylogger sends report to a predefined e-mail address. It is super simple ‘ just type in the address in an appropriate place. Hardware keylogger also stores files with computer logs. If you have access to the monitored computer, all you need to do is press the appropriate key combination to see the whole log. In this way, you can also check if the keylogger works correctly after plugging it into a computer.

Encrypted keylogger – How does it work?

The memory of the hardware keylogger KeyGrabber WiFi PS/2 is twice as big. This model works with Windows, Linux and Android operational systems and is invisible to antivirus software ‘ like all keyloggers available in our online Detective Store.

Similarly to the previous model, this keylogger stores a configuration file to be edited and logs from computer, and sends reports to a predefined e-mail address. Stored data is encrypted, what greatly lowers possibility of it getting into the wrong hands.

Keyboard keylogger – for Windows and Linux

Keystroke logger PS/2 has small 16 MB memory, like this USB KeyGrabber that is only 35 mm long, but can store up to 2000 text pages.

It is very intuitive, has simple menu, and allows for:

  • promptly finding important words or key phrases in the text file
  • finding specific characters
  • highlighting just web pages and e-mail addresses (NatDetective option)

Provided report also informs on whether the device was unplugged from the PC‘s port – this may be a sign that someone knows about the device and may be super careful when using the computer.

Screen keylogger – A frame grabber

Keylogger may also be plugged between a graphic card and a monitor – that‘s how the VideoGhost keylogger works. It is compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS and captures the image displayed on a computer screen. It saves them to JPG but does not send to an e-mail address. In order to view the taken screens, you need to unplug it and use as a pen drive to browse the files in high resolution.

Keylogger in a keyboard – for Windows and Linux

Software Keylogger may be hidden in a keyboard. Keyboard with a keylogger ‘ by Dell or Microsoft ‘ has an internal memory that can store up to 2000 text pagesKeyboard with a keylogger is compatible with Windows and Linux OS. It doesn‘t send reports to an e-mail address and, in order to view gathered data, you need to press the appropriate key combination.

 Software keylogger for computer monitoring – How does it work?

Software keylogger for computer spying works similarly to a hardware keylogger but has more functions.

For example, SpyLogger Pro Cloud that sends data directly to a mailbox, not only logs every key stroke and takes screenshots like VideoGhost, but also:

  • logs all actions performed on files (like edit, move and delete), including time and date of the modification,
  • checks if removable storage devices (CD/DVD or USB) were used on the computer,
  • records sounds of the surroundings through the built-in or external microphone,
  • generates an additional screenshot each time a certain key word is typed.

The installation process of this spy software from a pen drive takes less than 30 seconds to complete. Then simply eject it from the computer and it is ready for work.

Keylogger – FAQ

Does a keylogger work retroactively?

No, it does not. It registers user‘s computer activity from the moment of plugging it in or installing spying software.

How to remove a keylogger from a computer?

In order to remove it from a computer, hardware keylogger needs to be unplugged whereas spying software uninstalled ‘ it requires access to the monitored computer for at least a minute.

Is there a keylogger for intercepting passwords, e.g. to Facebook?

Hardware keylogger would intercept a Facebook password provided that the user manually types it in – then this information is stored in the log.

Is keylogger detectable by antivirus software?

Hardware keyloggers, like the miniature KeyGrabber Nano Wifi, are invisible in the system and not detected by antivirus software and spy scanners. The same applies to SpyLoggers.

Where does keylogger store data?

Apart from sending reports to a predefined e-mail address, hardware keyloggers save data in their internal memory, whereas software keyloggers hide the logs on the computer.

Which keylogger is suitable for a laptop computer?

Definitely a software keylogger on a pen drive, which only needs to be installed and then unplugged from a computer. Hardware keyloggers are dedicated mostly for desktop computers.

Is keylogger a virus?

KeyGrabbers and SpyLoggers available in the online Detective Store are not malicious software.

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