The summer is fast approaching, and with it the perfect opportunity for outdoor activities. Cycling, climbing mountain peaks, camping or perhaps observing nature? Before you hit the road, check out our review of the most interesting gadgets and outdoor equipment. A powerful LED torch, a sharp pocket knife and a metal detector will make it easier for you to creatively spend time outdoors.

For cyclists and runners

Clear skies, smooth surfaces and backwind – cyclists and runners don t need any more happiness. Or maybe? When it gets dark, good visibility is essential for road safety. Following the universal principle of “never too much light”, we recommend the purchase of a Petzl Tikkina headlamp. The light headlamp with a power of 250 lumens ensures stable lighting at a distance of up to 60 m. The flashlight is extremely light (only 81 g), so you will not feel its weight even during long-term use. You also don t have to worry about the capricious summer weather – the headlamp construction is completely waterproof.

For campings

When planning a tent trip we often face the problem: how to take the most useful tools in the limited space available? The solution is extremely simple: just get yourself a multifunctional Swiss Victorinox Classic SD penknife. This small, pocket-sized tool can replace an entire toolbox – and we re not exaggerating. For example, the Victorinox Classic SD e has as many as 7 different tools, including two types of blades, a wood saw, tweezers, scissors and a can opener. With such a pocket knife in hand, you can easily make various repairs in the camp, fix a caught fish, cut branches for a bonfire or pull out a tick.

Speaking of ticks – these persistent parasites can make any summer trip miserable. Aerosols available in pharmacies and drugstores are not always effective, and they often cause headaches and allergic reactions. A much better idea is to equip yourself with Tickless ultrasonic tick repellent. This small device emits inaudible to humans ultrasound, which paralyses Haller s organ enabling ticks to locate their prey. Tickless is a completely odourless, environmentally friendly and effective way to protect against ticks. Let us add that the product is available in three variants: for adults, children and dogs.

For treasure hunters

Who says this May weekend has to resemble previous ones? Consider trying something new this year – like searching for hidden treasures in the ground. It s a great idea for a summer trip. You can buy a good, easy-to-use metal detector for less than 300 GBP. We recommend the ACE 150 model from the reputable Garrett brand to beginner “treasure hunters”. Thanks to the “on and search” function the detector is ready to work immediately after starting – without tedious calibration and complicated settings. Its light weight, comfortable armrest and adjustable design make it an excellent choice for both adults and children. The youngest searchers can also use the handheld Nokta Pointer detector with a built-in LED torch and waterproof design – this type of detector is recommended especially for the last stage of the search.

For nature observers

The middle of spring is a perfect time for observing fauna in their natural environment. You don t need to prepare for this: simply pack your rucksack and head for the nearest forest, coppice, meadow, and eventually even a park. Just make sure you have room in your rucksack for a good pair of binoculars or a spotting scope. One with 6x or 8x magnification (depending on version) is a great choice for recreational observing. The housing is 100% waterproof and dustproof, so you can use them whatever the weather. The excellent optics are guaranteed by the high quality multi-coated lenses made from Japanese eco-glass and the porprismatic design.

Some animals only come out to feed at dusk, which is when even the best binoculars cannot do the job. We have a solution for this, too, in the form of a handheld thermal monocular. With thermal measurement, the observer gets a clear view in the complete absence of external light. The ASP-Micro TM160 model is additionally equipped with a video recorder, thanks to which you can record films and take pictures in high quality. The thermal imager is lightweight and very handy, with up to 4x digital zoom you can observe from a considerable distance.

For amateur shooters

Why not head to the shooting range or take part in an Air Soft competition? Team shooting is a great opportunity to experience movement in the fumes of competition. The basic equipment of every shooter is (apart from the weapon and the sight of course) active ear defenders such as the M32 model by Earmor. These seemingly ordinary headphones reduce the sound of gunshots to a safe level of 82 dB and at the same time amplify soft ambient noise. The result is protection from harmful noise and the ability to communicate freely with your team.

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