Surveillance cameras, microphones concealed in various appliances, phototraps and other similar gear used to be unavailable, and the Average Joe knew about it only from James Bond films. How does it look today?

We buy more gadgets

According to Detective Store‘s report, trade in spy gadgets last year has increased by 80%! Why do we decide to buy such accessories and what they are used for? People are becoming more and more convinced about their usefulness, with more serious purposes in mind than maliciously peeping at their neighbours, or stalking other. The willingness to secure our homes, and to ensure our families‘ safety reigns over other applications. Due to huge advancements in electronics and miniaturisation, it all became simpler and more discreet. And the customers like it.

Safe family

Contrary to what one might assume, Detective Store‘s customers do not wear shades and long coats. Since the gadgets can be used in everyday applications, and are readily available, our shops are visited by ordinary people. What do people use recorders and bugs for? Cameras are frequently chosen, to be used as baby monitors.

Parents who leave their children with babysitters would like to know if the child is all right. Are such cameras detectale? Hardly – these small appliances are hidden in alarm clockspower adapters or smoke sensors – nobody would suspect a surveillance camera hidden in these objects!

In a similar way, the parents can watch if a teenager left alone at home does not throw overly noisy parties. Planting an alarm clock in the living room and accessing it remotely over the Internet would give them view of what is happening at home.

Safe neighbourhood

Detective Store‘s products are not only meant to observe what is going on in the house. There is a range of appliances capable of operating outdoors in varying weather conditions. With them, our customers can protect their yards, gardens or allotments. Phototraps are a frequent choice not only among the woodsmen and forest services.

Car thieves are becoming better and better at dealing with car security systems, which means a simple alert might not be enough. Using phototraps, our customers are able to monitor the surroundings of their car or garage.

Additionally, cars can be equipped with GPS localisers – in case of theft, such a device might prove invaluable.
GPS is not only a way of protecting cars. Issuing localisers to children and the elderly can be also a good idea, allowing to keep track of them at all times. GPS is also available as a watch, which would be a perfect choice for a child going on a summer holiday.

We are becoming more and more aware of the dangers that might affect virtually anyone. Our awareness is growing, and so is our willingness to ensure safety and security to those we hold dear. New technologies make this comfort easy to maintain, which is one of the most important issues considered while choosing a spy gadget.

Photo by author: Jonathan McIntosh (CC)

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