Car breathalyzer - Dräger 7000 with ignition interlock for drivers
Car breathalyzer - Dräger 7000 with ignition interlock for drivers

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Car breathalyzer - Dräger 7000 with ignition interlock for drivers

  • Module GPRS
  • Electrochemical sensor
  • Ergonomic and well-balanced housing
  • Car breathalyzer has a colorful LCD display
  • Testing units: mg/l

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Dräger Interlock 7000 - breathalyzer dedicated to drivers with alcohol blockade

The car breathalyzer Dräger Interlock 7000 is the best for transport companies. Breathalyzer Interlock 7000 is the updated verison of Interlock 5000. Model 7000 was provided with additional accessories such as recording camera and GPRS module, which remotely transmits the results to the panel.

  • Memory data

    GPRS module

  • Voltage


    from 12 V up to 24 V

  • Touch-sensitive


    colorful LCD

  • Electrochemical sensor



Car breathalyzer Dräger 7000 consists of two elements. The first one is the device for alcohol testing. The second is the control unit, plugged into manual network and immobilizer. When the ignition is launched, the breathalyzer will ask the driver to collect the sample of the breath. In case of positive test result immobilizer will prevent from launching the car.

The car breathalyzer Drager 7000 is equipped with, colorful LCD display, which shows the information about the performed tests. Operation of the device is intuitive. The test may be performed quickly and efficiently. The additional advantage is quick and hygienic replacement of the mouthpieces.

The main features of a car breathalyzer Drager Interlock 7000

  • Intuitive and reliable use

    Intuitive and simple use

    The car breathalyzer is operated with two buttons. The user is also provided with guiding messages on how to perform the test in the right way.

  • Authorized sensor

    Electrochemical sensor

    Electrochemical sensor was applied in breathalyzer. Electrochemical sensor was mainly designed for alcohol detection. Therefore the test results are not influenced by other substances. In case of any manipulation attempts the information is saved in the tests history.

  • Fast operational readiness

    Fast operational readiness

    The car breathalyzer is characterized by heating phase and quick operational readiness. Depending on the ambient temperature operation time can be extended to 110 seconds at temp. -45 ° C .

  • Breathalizer power supply

    Car Breathalyzer power power supply

    Car breathalyzer is an energy-efficient device. The maximum electricity consumption is 2. When the vehicle is stopped the device uses less then 1 mA, providing failure-free operation.

  • Safety norms

    Safety norms

    Car breathalyzer Interlock 7000 meets with all European norms including German homologation EN 50436-1:2013; EN 50436-2:2013 and ECE nr 10 as well as reglation (WE) nr 661/2009.

  • Data archivisation

    Data archivisation

    The device stores the most important information such as collected samples reports on and off cycles. The attempt to manipulate the result of the test is also detected and stored. The access to these data requires appropriate rights.

  • External camera and GPRS module

    External camera and GPRS module

    Thanks to (opcjonal) camera and GPRS module, we are immediately informed that one of the drivers has not performed the test.

  • Alcohol blockade

    Alcohol blockade

    The device cooperates with the vehicle immobilizer. In case of positive test results the blockade is turned on and the launch of the engine is impossible.

Service and warranty of car breathalyzer Dräger Interlock® 7000

The warranty covers a period of 2 years on the electronics and 1 year on sensor of the device. To take advantage of the warranty must be strictly the manufacturer's recommendations about the breathalyzer calibration must be followed. The calibration should be performed after 2500 measurements or at least once a year.

We offer you a variety of services which may be performed after the warranty perioid by our serviceman. Our laboratory is equipped with devices of the highest quality from global brand Guth LAB . Calibration Guth Laboratories Certificated


Remember about calibration!
In Detective Store transport and calibration of breathalyzer cost 24 GBP if you choose a prepay option.



Dräger company has been on the market since 1889 under the motto "Technology for Life". From a small family business it has evolved into an international leader in medical and safety technology. The company is in constant development so that it is technologically one step ahead of ots...


Specification of car breathalyzer Interlock 7000
Sensor typeelectrochemical
Power supply of the car breathalyzerfrom 12 V up to 24 V
Electricity consumption
  • maximum - < 2 A
  • in sleep mode - < 1 mA
Alcohol blockadeimmobilizer
Required calibration
  • at least every 12 months
  • at least after 2500 measurements
DisplayColorful LCD
Testing units:mg/l
Data transmission
  • infrared socket
  • bluetooth
Device settingmanual
  • German homologation - EN 50436-1:2013, EN 50436-2:2013
  • sign E1
Readiness for operation
  • < 4 seconds (from temp. 0 °C)
  • < 60 seconds (in temp. -20 °C)
  • < 110 seconds (w temp. -45°C)
Operation temperature of the car breathalyzer-45°C up to +85°C
  • manual part - 138 × 61 × 36 mm
  • control unit - 148 × 90 × 32 mm
  • manual part - 178 g
  • control unit - 300 g


  • Car breathalyzer Dräger 7000 - with Ignition interlock
  • Manual part of breathalyzer
  • Control unit
  • 3 mouthpieces
  • Handle and installation accessories


Reviews (3)

By Amy B.

Comment : great protection from driving under influence, we have problems with our teenage son but now if he has drunk too much he simply cannot start the engine . Worth the money for sure .
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By Ben B.

Comment : Immobilizer works perfectly!
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By Brandon C.

Comment : not only a breathalyzer but alsso a cam and gps module
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