SKY Ctrl antidrone system - effective reconnaissance and neutralization

The SKY Ctrl multi-sensor anti-drone system was developed by the Polish company APS - one of the global leaders in technology and cybersecurity of the airspace. It detects, tracks and neutralizes UAVs around the clock. It is available in stationary, mobile and vehicle versions.

Advanced drone detection and identification system - proven effectiveness

SKY Ctrl's comprehensive anti-drone system monitors the airspace regardless of weather and environmental conditions. During a live demonstration at Michigan State Police headquarters, it was the only one to track all drones. It owes its efficient operation and effectiveness to the use of four types of sensors simultaneously.

Airspace protection at the highest level

The integrated detection system features high accuracy. It works based on artificial intelligence and 3D MIMO technology to detect small flying objects LSS. Neural network algorithms track drones in real time and report all events.

Innovative solutions patented by APS

The open SKY Ctrl system is open to integration with other third-party air defense systems. Radars reveal commercial and private drones. The same function is performed by an acoustic sensor, with the difference that it does not need the direct line of sight of the aircraft to operate. The radio wave detector signals the presence of a drone even before it takes off, and eliminates models that communicate with the operator via WiFi. Jammers are also responsible for interfering with navigation and radio control. The SKY Ctrl anti-drone system furthermore includes pan-tilt-zoom cameras that visually confirm the detection of a drone.

Mobile application for system monitoring and configuration

The CyView C2 mobile app is easy to use. It allows you to track the direction, route and altitude of flying objects within the system's range. It distinguishes between birds and drones, providing a clear view in any situation.

Kit components

drone jammer


Supports 20 bands: ISM, VHF, UHF, GSM, UMTS, LTE, GNSS, WiFi and UKF. RF output power, depending on the band, in the range of 10W - 140W.



Cameras with manual or automatic control. Day and night visibility. Automatic target tracking. 360° coverage of the area.

wifi neutralizer

WiFi network neutralization

Omni-directional or sector angle coverage. Supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. Range of up to 5 km.

acoustic sensor

Acoustic sensors

Suitable for use in any environment. Range up to 200 meters.

SKY Ctrl anti-drone system specifications
Instrumental range 7 - 50 km
Minimum detection range 1 m
Maximum detection range 2 - 10 km
Range accuracy 10 - 1 m
Range resolution 6 - 3 m
Minimum target altitude 1 m
Maximum target altitude 7 - 50 km
Azimuth / elevation 90°-20° / 60°-10°
Frequency X-Band
Technologies AESA/MIMO
Transmitter output power (peak) 8W – 24W
WiFi detection bands 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz

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