Anti-spy protection

­Anti-spy protection

Surveillance is a problem which nowadays affects more and more people, both in professional and in private life. Bugs are easy to buy, as well as micro cameras and digital voice recorders, to the extend that we all may be worried and afraid of being spied. We have become aware that by use of simple instruments, unauthorized person may, with ease, obtain information about our life or our business and use them against us.

In case of industrial espionage, competitive companies may use very sophisticated and advanced technologies, as the information obtained in this way may be worth a lot of money. Luckily, there is a way to protect oneself against it. Detective Store offers many solutions which allow to find a wiretap or a micro camera and block their operation. Detective Store also offers professional systems which protect conference halls efficiently. Room searching services are expensive and must be conducted regularly, to be sure that business meetings are safe. It is worth to buy your own system which detects and neutralizes wiretaps.


Detecting analog and digital radio wiretaps

All wiretaps emit an electromagnetic signal carring information. It does not matter if these are FM transmitters (such as a common radio), or bugs working at the same principle but in higher frequency band. The bugs are becoming more and more popular, based on GSM telephony of global range or the most advanced, working on wireless WiFi or Bluetooth® systems. Each of these signals may be detected and measured by the radio frequency meters.

Wiretaps' detectors are based on the received signal's intensity measurement – the closer to the the source the receiver is placed, the stronger the signal is. If we get closer to the potential wiretap, the indication grows, and when the distance is longer – the indication lowers. This operation helps us to localize the place of emitted signal precisely. Depending on needs, we offer very simple detectors, such as RF Bug Detector, which is perfect for the simplest solutions, with the use of a common equipment – Protect 1206i frequency meter, and also the most advanced solutions, allowing to detect analog, GSM, WiFi and Bluetooth wiretaps, or even the ones which use the newest WiMax technology.

Raksa iDet is a sophisticated solution – miniature but having a great potential, easy and intuitive in operation. It is able to detect and save in memory the information of every found radio transmission, allows to detect the signal and measure its strength and save it to further analysis. We also offer the solutions dedicated to professionals, very precise and sensitive – CAM-105W. For special tasks, when the information safety is the most important thing, we have uncompromising protection systems, which help to neutralize electronic surveillance – such as Oscor Green spectrum analyzer, of the REI American company.

Wireless micro cameras and video recorders detection

Sometimes, the wiretap is not enough, so the surveillance systems also use video cameras (mostly with a built-in microphone, so there is no need to use another audio wiretap). Thanks to miniaturization of electronics we may purchase mini cameras which may be placed almost everywhere. We also offer ready-made solutions – cameras camouflaged in items which are present in an office or apartment. It can be a pen, watch, smoke detector, a gadget – a camera of very small diameter, equipped with power supply, recorder or signal transmitter, may be placed almost in every object.

Wireless cameras can be detected quite easily. You may use a frequency meter – the same which is used in case of wiretaps, because it works on the same basis. There are also specialized detectors capturing the signal from the camera and displaying the available image, such as HS-5000A. Thanks to the fact that you see the image from the camera, you can easily find its location.

A different kind of problem is a video recorders' detecting – these recorders don't emit any radio waves, so finding the camera by the use of the detectors described above is impossible. Optical detectors, which are based on specific reflection of light against the objective, may help in such case. They are equipped with laser illuminators and a special optical systems. The user, looking through the objective, views the room. If the objective of the camera is found within the field of view of the detector, it will be visible as a bright spot. A big asset of such solution is the fact that this methods works with every type of camera – wired and wireless. No matter if they are operating at the moment or not.

Electromagnetic and acoustic jammers – protection of conference halls

Alternative method of protection against wiretap could be disabling the possibility of spying devices operation. Jammers may be divided into two groups. One of them is known as radio jammers. These are devices which generate electromagnetic noise in frequencies used by potential wiretaps. It prevents data transmitting by blocking radio communication in range of the device. We offer jammers which work with different types of frequencies, depending on client's needs, compact ones, for private use, such as Pro HJ-121B. There are also other types, such as stationary systems able to cooperate with detectors which react to unwanted signals (ST-202 UDAV-M) – perfect for conference halls. And finally, advanced devices of high power, which may be used to protect special establishments such as penal institutions – to prevent the prisoners from communicating via mobile phones. Some jammers prevent from locating via GPS system by blocking the tracking device, which may be placed in a vehicle.

Radio jammers allow to protect oneself against surveillance with use of radio wiretaps. There are also different systems – seismic wiretaps installed inside the walls of the room, laser wiretaps which enable to recover conversations with use of vibrations of a window glass induced by voices emitted even a couple of hundreds meters from a building. To protect oneself against them, vibro-acoustic systems emerged. They are installed on window glasses and on walls and at empty spaces, adjacent to a protected room. Random noise is then generated and implemented as a vibration into the construction and makes wiretaps or recordings useless. We suggest a solution of the American REI company, based on the ANG-2200 generator.

A druid system is another approach to the issue. It is a complex solution which protects against any kind of surveillance. The system analyzes sounds of a conversation and generates dynamically a jamming signal that drowns out the conversation. The participants of the conference talk to each other via headsets so they communicate without any problem. The crucial asset of the solution is the fact that it will also ensure the protection against recording by voice recorders, which, surprisingly, are very hard to detect and localize.


How to find an appropriate electronic device?

The market offers more and more solutions and technologies which enable surveillance. Producers are making efforts to make their products hard to localize and detect. Advanced solutions using modern technology, such as WiFi AR5 voice recorder can be connected to the WiFi network and are able to download the recordings remotely, if the user is sure that the room is not monitored by a detector at the moment. Even cheap voice recorders are a threat, because they don't emit any radio signal, which can be detected.

A common feature of all electronic devices is the fact that they are built of semiconductors and this fact is used by NLJD class detectors (Non Linear Joint Detectors). The modus operandi is based on physical phenomena which are present in semiconductor joints – these are parts of every electronic component. Each joint, activated by an electromagnetic wave, responds by emitting a wave of twice a higher frequency – second harmonic. Its detection and power measurement allow to detect and localize any electronic element. The described ways are efficient in finding any wiretap, voice recorder, camouflaged camera or hidden mobile phone, independently of the fact if it is turned on or off, or even disconnected from the source of power. These solutions are very advanced and used by professionals in situations when information safety and protection against leaks of information is a priority.