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Breathalyzer calibration Calibration is a control and optimisation process which configures the brethalyzer's software. Every breathalyzer might decalibrate in a process of normal use. That means breathalyzer doesn't perform tests correctly. For that reason these devices need periodic calibration, that is readjustment to model template.

Calibration will prolong the life of breathalyzer

Frequency of calibration depends on many factors, e.g. type of breathalyser, intensity of use, age of the device or storing conditions. Calibration is a process which needs a specialised equipment and technical knowledge. It's based on performing tests with the breathalyser and outlining its efficiency. When the results differ from the reality, the software is being reset to the default settings. Calibration is performed using specialised machines, so called simulators. The process consists in performing tests on the device, which is working in service mode, on the samples of alcohol of known concentration. As a result, we need to adjust a correct response of measurement system to the model samples of certain concentration.

How often you should calibrate your device?

Depending on the type of breathalyser, calibration should be perforemd once per 6-12 months or once per 200-300 tests. Not performing a calibration may result in damaging the sensor. In such case, a warranty service is not valid and the cost of calibration is increased by buying a new sensor. Not following user's manual and using breathalyzer incorrectly may also result in quicker wear off and earlier calibration. Good example of faulty usage is performing the test just after drinking alcohol. When concentration of acohol in the exhaled air is way bigger than the measuring range of the device. This leads to decalibration of the device or even a permanent damage to the tester. Regular calibration gives certainty that the measurements of the breathalyser are correct, independently of the date of buying the device. The device should not be used right after drinking alcohol. The program of the appliance assumes that exhaled air contains alcohol. Even the slightest traces of alcohol in mouth might cause incorrect reading. Additionally, performing a test before the alcohol is absorbed may cause burning of the sensor, as the concentration of the alcohol is way bigger than the measuring range.


Breathalyser is a sensitive and professional device which is influenced by body temperature. Temperature higher than one degree Celsius results in increasing the outcome of the test by 7%. The intensity of breathing results in opposite outcomes. For a person who performed a physical effort, a lower result will be obtained in comparison to someone who did not performed any physical activity. Chemical substances, such as oil paints, solvents, petrol, celluloid, cigarette smoke and many other which influence tested people for a longer period of time, will affect the precision of the breathalyser's indications. Mouthwash also contains alcohol which also affects results of tests.

Professional breathalyzers calibration - see the whole process

We sell breathalyzers which are calibrated and ready to use.

Our laboratory

Our laboratory is equipped with high class Guth Laboratories equipment, used for calibration of breathalyzers. We also have full assortment of spare parts for every kind of warranty and after warranty service.

Quality guarantee

We conduct service of every breathalysers sold by our company and also those from our competitors. All repairs are performed in a shortest possible time. Our service performs tests of all breathalysers that we sell, so you can be certain that your product was tested.

The price of calibration is 24 GBP. In case of prepayment and sending the product via priority package, cost of sending the breathalyser back to the client is included in the price of the service. In other cases, the payment due is added, according to the price list.

Breathalyzers for calibration should be sent to the storehouse in London with a note 'Calibration'.

Detective Store - Service

In order to schedule a breathalyzer calibration, please contact us. Tel.: (44) 020 3290 1199

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If you wish to perform a calibration and your model is not included in our list – write to us. We may be able to help.

Breathalyzer calibrtion price list:

Semiconductor breathalyzers (AL-7000, 6000, 5500, DA-7000)24 GBP
AL-8000, 9000, DA-710024 GBP
Drager alcotest 5510, 7510, 682040 GBP
Drager interlock 700060 GBP
AlcoBlow40 GBP
Raptor AT700040 GBP
Alcofind AF-100s40 GBP
Sentech ALP-150 GBP
AlkoSensor IVCM130 GBP
AlcoQuant 6020 Plus50 GBP
Alcotest 9510 IR single/dual-sensor60 GBP

Your breathalyzer is not listed? There is no problem! Contact us and get price for your breathalyzer calibration.

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