How does the noise generator work?

Noise generators

In every company, protecting information is an absolute priority. How can you protect your business conversations from eavesdropping, e.g. by unfair competitors? The solution is noise generators that cancel hidden microphones.

Noise generators

What is it and how does it work?

Noise generator - what is it?



    Noise generators are devices that eliminate the threat of hidden eavesdroppers and dictaphones. They are used by companies that are concerned about protecting trade secrets.

The generators work on the principle of creating noise that drowns out the microphones. They are usually installed in offices, meeting rooms, workrooms and other places prone to surveillance.

Noise generator - how does it work?

The principle of operation of noise generators is based on the emission of noise, the function of which is interference. A noise generator is a type of loudspeaker that emits sounds that are inaudible to human ears but disturb the recording equipment. This ensures that the spy will not be able to understand the recorded material.

However, it should be noted that more determined spies may attempt to decipher the material through special software. To prevent this, some (acoustic) generators have features that prevent subsequent decoding of the acquired material. This makes it impossible to filter and de-noise the material even with the most advanced methods.

Noise generators - evaluation. Are they legal?

Noise generators are legal and can be used by anyone - institutions, businesses and individuals. White noise generators are devices that provide privacy during calls while protecting against leaks of important information. A wiretap or voice recorder can easily be hidden in any room (e.g., in a common object such as an alarm clock or molding). It is therefore an easy-to-use preventive tool.

There is still a category of devices on the market commonly referred to as jammers, associated with standard noise generators. This type of device is illegal. The main purpose of jammers is to interfere with mobile phone frequencies. It should be noted that by law these activities are illegal for private individuals. Jammers can only be used for:

"In the cases and according to the rules established by special regulations, the Director of Police, the Provincial Commander of Police, the Commander-in-Chief of the Border Guard, the Commander-in-Chief of the Border Guard Branch, the Commander-in-Chief of the Military Police, the Commander-in-Chief of the Military Police Branch, the Director of the Internal Security Agency, the Director of the Military Counterintelligence Service, the Commander of the State Protection Service and the Director of the National Tax Administration may order the use of devices to prevent telecommunications traffic in a certain area."

What types of noise generators exist?

There are two types of noise generators - ultrasonic and acoustic.

Ultrasonic generators

Ultrasonic generators cancel the microphones of listening and recording devices in the room.

They do not provide protection against external eavesdropping. A good model of this type is, for example, the TOWER-A ultrasonic noise generator, which interferes with the quality of the sound recording by producing white noise.

Acoustic generators

Acoustic generators work on the principle of generating broadband acoustic and vibration noise. Once these disturbances are generated, they are introduced in the form of vibrations into the structure of the protected room - ceiling, windows, floor, walls and ventilation systems.

The proven model in this case is the ANG-2200 acoustic generator.

It combats the types of surveillance tools that allow external eavesdropping. These include, for example, seismic eavesdroppers that work by sensing the vibrations of objects and walls in a room caused by the sounds of conversation. The special head of such an eavesdropper picks up these vibrations, which are then processed into an intelligible signal.

Laser microphones are also a modern spy solution. This device emits a laser beam that is invisible to the eye and is directed at the window of the room in which the conversation is taking place. The laser microphone later processes the changes that have occurred in the beam due to the vibration of the glass.

Pocket noise generators

Most noise generators are stationary and have a power supply.

For business trips, team building or conferences it is a good idea to carry a pocket white noise generator. It operates with less power than its stationary counterparts, but still works well in small spaces.

This type of device is most often used by business people during business meetings in diverse and uncertain locations. The MNG-300 Rabbler is one such device. The pocket-sized white noise generator operates in the frequency range of 300 - 3600 Hz and effectively drowns out surrounding recorders and eavesdroppers. Thanks to its small size, it fits easily into a pocket or desk drawer. The device emits a loud signal, making it difficult to pick up specific words.