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Recover any data from every microSD SDcard, USB sticks or hard drives. It's possible with Detective Store.

Almost everyone happened to have lost their data stored on different types of carriers, i.e. SD card, USB memory sticks, or hard drives, sometimes in a mobile. Some data are particularly valuable or just have an emotional value, like photos taken on important occasions in our life, company data or other relevant information. In particular, loss of company business data could result in very heavy financial losses. In case a backup (i.e. a digital copy) had not been made for any reason then a professional data recovery service is the last resort. But how to recover data from a hard drive or SD card? Some people try to use dedicated free software, or dare to try other solutions, but most often it only leads to deterioration.

Data recovery

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Data recovery pendrive, SIM cards, SD cards, and hard drives in offer.

Bearing in mind these customers troubled with these problems, Detective Store introduced into its offer data recovery services from different types of carriers. We completed a team of highly experienced professionals who can recover data from different types of devices, like any memory cards, micro SD, Sd, hard drives or portable drives. We guarantee professional attitude, detailed diagnosis and full discretion with respect to our actions.

In case of data loss you should immediately turn your device off and carefully secure. Protect your SD card with the holder, or put your SIM card in a tight plastic box. Insufficient professional knowledge or improper actions can deteriorate the situation and definitively make the data recovery impossible.

How does the data recovery process look like?

It's very simple.

  1. At first we recommend to get in touch with our specialist. Details of a problem encountered and a type of data storage device will be of great help while choosing the best method of recovery.
  2. The next step is to fill a contact form, and deliver a memory device together with the order form to the preferred Detective Store shop (or to ship it by a courier post or mail.)
  3. At this point (the time our technician is being handed your device) we start data recovery. According to the type of device and the diagnosis ordered a period of diagnosis may vary from 24 hours to 7 days.

The duration of data recovery is not strictly determined.
Everything depends upon the specific type of your device, its condition (a device mechanically damaged, flooded with liquids, exposed to overvoltage or high temperature etc.) the number of files and their capacity, and so on.

Sometimes to recover the data using Detective Store software is enough, however, on more complicated occasions a thorough diagnosis of a device in a specialized laboratory is required. After that our technicians will produce the results of their work via e_mail, on CD/DVD or A4-sized printouts. Now you know how you can recover your data. You had better not use free recovery software as this may permanently delete your photos, contacts, relevant data files and even our specialists won't be able to help you if this happens.

In case of physical damage it may be necessary to open a data carrier what may result in a change in a device state and, consequently, to cancel its warranty. If this happens it shall not be deemed by Customer as a faulty service.

Recovered data security
Beyond any doubt Detective Store guarantees not to disclose the information entrusted and to secure it duly, as well as to process the data stored on the carriers only for the needs of recovery.

Remarkable experience earned by us during years of practice in the field of data recovery lets us operate with almost a 100% chance of success. Detective Store owns the specialized laboratory, professional equipment and dedicated software for data recovery. So, if it's you who was affected with such an unpleasant incident, contact our specialist. We are sure we'll find quick and effective solution to this kind of problem.

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