Phone and computer monitoring

­Computer and cell phone monitoring

Are you concerned about your children safety as they spend too much time online and are exposed to many dangers like paedophilia or stalking? Your teenager is hanging out with bad company and has started drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and using drugs? Your employees waste their working time and use company phones for private business or even act to the detriment of the company? You have started to have doubts about your partner and your relationship?

Phone and computer monitoring

It’s time to take control. Now it’s possible thanks to technologically advanced devices and software that monitor computer and phone use. They help you know the truth in a fast and efficient manner so that you can protect yourself from unpleasant consequences that may have fatal influence on your and your loved ones private and professional lives.

Phone monitoring – what to choose?

Cell phone is an ever-present element of our reality, we cannot imagine life without it any more. People are having millions conversations a day, send abundance of text messages and, in these ways, transfer huge amounts of information. These pieces of information may put you or your family and friends in danger, result in considerable financial losses and land you in troubles.

Thanks to the SpyPhone software you can have full and discreet control over a cell phone. All you need to do is install it on a chosen phone and you instantly gain access to conversations, get copies of text messages, check location of the phone and many more. The most important feature of the software is its discretion– it is invisible for the phone user and does not alter functioning of the device in any way. We offer quite a few solutions for different phone models. Check the operation system of the device that is to be controlled with SpyPhone. You can choose between:

In order to make sure that the app works on the specified phone model please contact our specialists. Prior to that kindly check its exact model and system version.

Installation is very easy and does not pose any problems as the app is provided together with a precise description of the installation process. We can also install SpyPhone in a phone that is to be delivered to one of our branches. For convenience of our clients we offer software alone as well as ready kits – new phones with manufacturer’s warranty and with installed and configured app. We provide technical support and help in case of any doubts and problems with using the app.

Computer monitoring – what can you choose from?

Computers and the Internet are our daily bread. They facilitate access to information, staying in touch with friends and family, running business and provide entertainment. They are valued tools for working, learning and private life and have substantially changed our personal and professional lives. Nonetheless, they are also a source of various dangers and abuse that may have serious impact on us. The most exposed Internet users are children and people who are unware of dangers as they may easily fall prey to frauds, harassment and obtaining personal or corporate data under false pretences. That is why effective control and computer monitoring are sometimes a necessity as they may help to avoid serious consequences. Detective Store offers variety of solutions for discreet computer monitoring of both PCs and laptops.

The easiest solution are hardware keyloggers. These are special adapters mounted between a keyboard and a computer. Just plug it in the USB (USB version) or PS/2 (PS/2 version) port, depending on the type of keyboard used. Keylogger captures and stores each key stroke and allows for later reading of text, passwords, chat content and many more. There are also available more advanced models with Wi-Fi module that allow for remote data gathering. Its main advantages are that they work on every operational system and are entirely undetectable and resistant to security software. They are compatible with PCs with Windows or Linux as well as Apple Mac computers.

Next product in our offer – VideoGhost – captures images displayed on a computer screen. Similarly to keygrabbers, it is connected between the graphics card's output (available models for VGS, DVI and HDMI) and a monitor cable. No need to install any additional software, it works automatically by capturing computer screen image every few seconds and storing it in internal memory. Then you can easily check what was displayed on the screen, read chat conversations, e-mails, messages on social media portals, analyse opened websites and applications.

Another solution is computer monitoring software – SpyLogger. It is an advanced software that allows for complex monitoring of computers with Windows. It may be used on PC and laptops. It is available in 4 versions that differ in features. The basic Classic version:

  • logs every key stroke (keylogger function);
  • stores information on running applications;
  • generates screenshots at a fixed time and of determined quality (advanced VideoGhost), moreover makes an additional screenshot every time a certain key word is typed;
  • monitors all actions performed on certain files;
  • makes the data available after reconnecting the device to the computer.

If access to the computer is restricted, we recommend Mail version – after installation all reports are automatically sent to a determined mailbox, no need to manually download gathered data and you can monitor the computer remotely – all you need is a computer or laptop with access to the e-mail account.

Both SpyLogger versions are available in Plus option which allows for recording sounds of the surroundings and all conversations held though online communicators – both parties are audible in separate channels thanks to recording in stereo. Installation is easy and fast, software is invisible to antivirus programs and will not be detected. This monitoring app can be installed fast and efficiently, it does not interferes with the computer and works unnoticeably in the background providing safety. Big plus of it is also unlimited license, what means you can monitor many computers at the same time! SpyLogger allows parents to protect their children from threats lurking in the Web like child abuse and employers may effectively monitor use of company computers by their workers.

You have to remember that in the law spying on somebody without their consent is a crime. You need to inform them about possibility of being listened to prior to commencing this kind of activity.

Use of monitoring app is legal in the case of:

  • parental control
  • control of employees
  • safety measures in case of a phone theft
  • safety measures in case of a kidnapping