Photos recovery

Recovery of photos from different types of data carriers

The photos most often have for us a high emotional value. That's why we like to return to them. Birth of a child, a wedding ceremony or amazing tour round the world should be memorized and carefully kept, so we can revive them in the future. Unfortunately, sometimes we have a bad luck and we lose our valuable photos.

How to recover photos

from a memory card, a mobile phone or from a hard drive?

What should we do then? How to recover the lost photos?

The loss of photos could result from a malfunction of your camera, faults in digital recording, or deleting them just by mistake. There are a lot of photos recovery apps, but they are not always effective. In practice, a mechanical defect eliminates a possibility of recovering. Even a good software will not make it if it's the case.

Detective Store supported by many years of experience in data recovery after formatting, restoring photos from data carriers and SMSs from mobile phones. We know a lot of instances when the traditional ways failed and the restoration had to be made in a laboratory specializing in data recovery. We are able to recover all photos even from flooded pen drives, smashed SD cards and mobile phones effected by overvoltage.

In case you lose your data you have to switch your device off immediately. Insufficient knowledge and lack of skills can only make things worse till the point where recovery becomes impossible. Don't try to recover the data on your own, don't use free recovery software. Usually it results in the total and final loss of data. Nothing could help you if this happens.

How do we recover images of the cards, phone calls, or drive?

Firstly, we suggest you to get in touch with our specialist. You can also pay a visit at our store. Then you have to fill a service order form. You should describe in this form your problem in detail, write a brand and model of a carrier, memory capacity and a few other data. This information will help our technicians solve a problem faster. Then you should deliver your device to our store together with a filled form. From this point on the photos recovery process starts. The exact time we finish analyzing is dependent upon a chosen method of diagnosis. Usually we need from 24 hours till 7 days. Time of diagnosis depends upon a lot of factors. The rate of analyzing process must take into account a type of defect (flooding, exposing to overvoltage or high temperature, a physical damage), a number and capacity of files and device memory. Even the file format is important. These features have the influence over the length of data recovery time. So we are not able to predict precisely how much time this will take. It's always an individual case. Sometimes it's enough to use Detective Store photos recovery software, at other times we have to analyze a carrier in our specialized laboratory. After the photos recovery is finished they will be copied onto CD/DVD or sent to you via email.

Files to download

  • Data recovery pricelist

    We do not charge if the result of the diagnosis is negative.

  • Data Recovery Service Order Form

    Condition to start the analysis is properly completed application form.


In case of a physical damage it may be necessary to open a data carrier what may result in a change in a device state and, consequently, to cancel its warranty. If this happens it shall not be deemed by Customer as a faulty service. Detective Store guarantees not to disclose the information entrusted and to secure it duly, as well as to process the data stored on the carriers only for the needs of recovery.

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Our specialist have gathered knowledge and experience in the field of photos, SMSs, and other data recovery for many years. They restored data from different types of carriers, for example from SD cards. Their expertise lets us achieve almost a 100% success in files recovery process. So, if you are troubled with a similar problem, you don't need to wait. We are able to help you even in the most unusual cases.

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