Contraband detection kit CT-40 for the use of customs and other services

Contraband detection kit CT-40 has been design first of all for the customs, border services, the police and special forces, it has been equipped with a precise Buster K910G density meter, inspection system with 2-meters probe and all kinds of accessories needed to control places that are hard to reach or inaccessible at all.

  • Quick tests

    Instant measurement

  • LCD screen

    Safe for health

  • 3 operation modes

    3 operating modes

  • Sound alarm


    6 mm lens

    2 m cable

The CT-40 contraband detection kit has been designed for customs services to counteract illegal contraband. The set comes with all the tools necessary to search a vehicle, a container, a trailer or a boat without a need to disassemble it into pieces, which normally involves damaging the vehicle. The densitometer Buster K910G included in the set, is a tool which measures the density of the tested surface to the depth of up to 15 cm. Density of the surface and any occurring changes that may indicate a hidden compartment are displayed on the clear digital screen of the device.

The contraband detection kit also includes a V20 inspection probe with the operating range of 2 meters as supplement. 6 mm diameter camera lens has a built-in lighting diodes adjustable in 3 levels of brightness. If an item has been detected it is possible to zoom the image and identify the smuggled items.

Another useful accessory is a Leica Laser Rangefinder which can be used to quickly measure dimensions or distance in order to detect false walls or hidden compartments in ‘rooms’ of known or standard dimensions e.g. in railway wagons, compartments in trucks, bulkheads and etc.

The contraband detection kit has been supplemented with mirrors on outriggers, all devices enabling pulling out the object, turning or opening. The set has been arranged and placed in a rugged Pelican case that protects the system and enables the transport.

Key features of the contraband detector Buster K910G

  • short reaction time - 25 s
  • clear LCD screen presenting digital dependences
  • ergonomic design
  • possibility of connecting an additional monitor on the boom
  • sturdy construction
  • built-in test
  • manual density meter
  • searching without dismantling the object
  • safe for the operator’s health
  • energy-efficient power system
  • continuous work for up to 40 h
  • mirrors on outriggers
  • a probe on the 2m cable with adjustable brightness and zoom
  • detection of false walls, partitions

Handouts in English

  • ­

    Inspection camera V20

    Manufacturer’s booklet in English

  • ­

    Buster K910G

    Product leaflet in English

­Specification of the portable densitometer Buster K910G
1 the quantity exempted from the registration obligation (does not exceed 7,6 µCi, .28MBq)
Radiation source 133 Bar 1
Source protection Rad-Aware®
Penetration depth 15,2 cm
Scanning speed 0,25 second/read
Calibration time 15 s
Operation modes
  • scan
  • 3-raw
  • built-in test
Operation temperature -20 up to +55°C
Operation time of the densitometer
  • up to 40 h of continous operation
  • up to 6 - 12 months in stand-by mode
Power supply 1× 9V battery
Dimensions 140×64×64 mm
Weight 900 g
Specification of the inspection set V20
Matrix CMOS
Zoom 3,5×
Memory memory cards
Capacity 8 GB (8000 photos + 4 h video)
Screen LCD, rotary in 90°
Illuminator 3W LED, 3-level adjustment
  • wire - 2 m
  • lens diameter 6 mm
  • two-way adjustment - 200°
Operation temperature -15 up to +80°C
Weight 1,35 kg
Specification of the laser rangefinder Leica Laser
Laser range up to 60 m
Screen illuminated
Accuracy 1,5 mm
Power supply batteries
Dimensions 108×41×24 mm
CSECO, or Campbell / Harris Security Equipment Company, is an American company with many years of experience, specializing in the manufacture of advanced equipment designed to detect contraband and contraband. Over the years, the requirements for detecting contraband have changed. Today, smugglers are attempting to transport not only drugs or alcohol across national borders, but also dangerous materials such as radioactive dirty bombs. The worsening smuggling world means that the inspections carried out by law enforcement should be even more thorough.
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In box
In box
  • Densitometer Buster K910G
    • removable screen
    • calibration block
    • boom
  • Inspection camera V20
  • Leica Laser rangefinder
  • PM-10 - mirror with illuminator
  • P-41 set of durable, metal inspection probes
  • PN-30 pocket set of probes
  • "Pelican" case
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