Contraband Enforcement Kit with Ultimate Fiberscope - Sas R&D CEK-R Movie
Contraband Enforcement Kit with Ultimate Fiberscope - Sas R&D CEK-R

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Contraband Enforcement Kit with Ultimate Fiberscope - Sas R&D CEK-R

  • Contraband Enforcement Kit with Ultimate Fiberscope Sas R&D CEK-R
  • Professional equipment for the police, border guards, the military, etc.
  • Threat identification - explosives, firearms, drugs
  • Available in two variants
  • Contraband Enforcement Kit with Ultimate Fiberscope - Sas R&D CEK-R includes detailed manual and an instruction DVD film

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Contraband Enforcement Kit with Ultimate Fiberscope - Sas R&D CEK-R

Contraband Enforcement Kit with Ultimate Fiberscope is a product of Sas R&D, which was built on the experience of professionals and contains specialist tools and instruments. The kit is delivered in a reinforced carrying case, enabling easier transportation and safe storage.

The Contraband Enforcement Kit with Ultimate Fiberscope was designed for field operations conducted by the police, border guards, the military, and other public order services, specifically to inspect enclosed and difficult to reach spaces in cars, boats, cargo, etc. It provides invaluable help in identification and retrieval of contraband, such as drugs, explosives, radioactive materials, firearms, money, or other illegally smuggled items.

It utilises state-of-the-art technological solutions designed especially for ease of use, allowing the officers conducting the inspection to obtain clear and unambiguous information.

The Contraband Enforcement Kit with Ultimate Fiberscope includes a detailed user manual, and an instructional film on a DVD, illustrating how to make optimum use of each of the kit's elements. Apart from that, the manufacturer conducts trainings in advanced operation and techniques utilising the equipment.

To ensure high flexibility and ability to adjust the kit to specific tasks, the kits come with fiberscopes in a number of configurations, and in two variants – BASIC and ENHANCED with additional elements for increased inspection capabilities in a variety of operating conditions.

Ultimate Fiberscope® abilities

Product video


SAS R&D Services INC.

SAS R&D Security Inc. is a company specializing in production of equipment for smuggling detection. The devices from SAS R&B help to detect drugs, weapons.


SAS-Hitech-Xpose Miniature Density Meter – density meter with a graphical display­­
Ultimate Fiberscope – fiberscope in several variants (2 or 4 way articulation, non-conductive or Tungsten braid shaft, available in 3 lengths – 1.5 m, 2 m, and 3 m.­­
RS-7 Laser – laser meter allowing to measure distance and, e.g. trailer interior dimensions (range up to 30 m, 3 mm accuracy)­­
SA-2710 – lightweight, two-sided (flat and convex), 7.6 cm acrylic mirror on an extending pole (20.32 – 93.89 cm)­­
PIP 3 Miniature Pocket Inspection – pocket inspection probe, spare tip included­­
PR 8 Expandable Steel Inspection Probe – four 9.5 mm, stainless steel elements, joined to form a 1 meter long inspection probe­­
Digital camera with a viewer and recorder, to gather evidence and record operations­­
Accessory set: window/upholstery wedge, fuel tank insert, rubber eyecup, spare battery, DC charger, car adapter with grounding wire­­
MTS-74 Multi Tool set – 14-piece wrench and screwdriver set­­
"Stay-put shaft" – protects the fiberscope during storage and transport, protects the probe during use­­
"S4 miniature mirrors­­
"Tigereye Wireless Viewer/Recorder – a digital recorder for fiberscopes, with a wireless monitor (range up to 9 m), allowing to take stills and record video materials­­
"Microborescope – a handy borescope, 2 mm wide and 30.5 cm long­­
"Stay-put Quick Shufty Borescope – flexible 8.89 mm x 57.16 cm borescope with angle adapter­­
"Kingsville Tire Fiberscope – tire inspection fiberscope, with valve sealer for minimal air loss­­
"Starfire 600 – a 600 lumen illuminator for 2 mm and 8.89 mm borescopes, as well as for the Kingsville Tire Fiberscope, can be used as handheld torch­­
"Fibrescope repair kit with necessary tools­­
"Accessory pouch­­
"Box for accessories and small elements­­
"SA-04 headlamp­­
"User manual and instruction DVD­­
"Reinforced carrying case for convenient transport and storage of the entire kit­­

Collation and prices of available variants

Taxonomy of designations of LED Ultimate Fiberscope included in the kit:

CEK-x-yyZ (NC) diameter/length/x
  • x – 2 or 4 way articulation
  • yy – length in inches
  • Z – kit: B – Basic, or E – ENHANCED
  • diameter – shaft diameter in milimeters
  • length – shaft length in meters
VersionPrice gross (GBP)
CEK-2-60B 6mm/1,5m/234088
CEK-2-60B NC 6mm/1,5m/235168
CEK-4-60B 6mm/1,5m/434706
CEK-4-60B NC 6mm/1,5m/435784
CEK-2-80B 6mm/2m/236248
CEK-2-80B NC 6mm/2m/237326
CEK-2-80B 6mm/2m/436710
CEK-4-80B 6mm/1,5m/234088
CEK-4-80B NC 6mm/2m/437790
CEK-2-120B 6mm/3m/239486
CEK-2-120B NC 6mm/3m/240566
CEK-4-120B 6mm/3m/440096
CEK-4-120B NC 6mm/3m/441176
CEK-2-60E 6mm/1,5m/249512
CEK-2-60E NC 6mm/1,5m/250592
CEK-4-60E 6mm/1,5m/450130
CEK-4-60E NC 6mm/1,5m/451210
CEK-2-80E 6mm/2m/251668
CEK-2-80E NC 6mm/2m/252752
CEK-4-80E 6mm/2m/452134
CEK-4-80E NC 6mm/2m/453214
CEK-2-120E 6mm/3m/254910
CEK-2-120E NC 6mm/3m/255990
CEK-4-120E 6mm/3m/455520
CEK-4-120E NC 6mm/3m/456600

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