Counter surveillance equipment - Probe CPM-700
Counter surveillance equipment - Probe CPM-700

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Counter surveillance equipment - Probe CPM-700

  • Evesdropping of phone lines
  • Detection of radio wiretaps, GSM
  • Protection from evesdropping
  • Counter surveillance equipment detects wireless video recorders
  • 18-segmental scale of the signal strength


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Counter surveillance equipment - Probe CPM-700

Probe CPM-700 is a technical, broadband receiver from American brand REI. The device was designed for professional detecion of radio and gsm wiretaps, video recorders and other types of evesdropping devices. The unit is dedicated to offices, law enforcement agencies as well as companies in which confidentiality is the cruicial value.

  • Screen



  • Work time

    Operation time of the counter surveillance device

    10-16 h

    3-5 h

  • Location of the signal source


    wireless cameras

    Radio, GSM wiretaps

  • Energy source

    Power supply

    8 × AA batteries

    8 × NiCad accumulators


Probe CPM-700 is an advanced product for the detection of bugs, wireless cameras or eavesdropping on telephone lines. Its great advantage is the 18-segmental scale on the LCD screen presenting signal strength. Fast response time allows you for Instant detection and location ofpotential risks.

Probe CPM-700 counter surveillance equipmentt detects devices such as:

  • radio,GSM wiretaps
  • wiretaps on the telephone lines
  • devices which use energetic network
  • wireless cameras
  • professional devices which use microvave links
  • devices which use microwave transmitters

Probe CPM-700 is equipped with advanced functions and provides the best solutions in situations when the fafety of information is of the highest importance. Smart design, light weight and not big dimensions enable mobile working with the device.

The main features of counter surveillance equipment CPM-700

  • detection of wireless cameras
  • detection of wiretaps
  • analysis magnetic and acoustic leakages
  • detection of microwave transmitters
  • covering of wide ranges from 200 HZ to 3GHz
  • Additional audio input allowing for evesdropping of the telephone lines
  • searching for devices using energetic signals
  • tryb monitorowania
  • Light weight and total mobility


Research Electronics International (REI)

Research Electronics International (REI) was founded in 1983 in Cookeville, Tennessee, USA . REI's clients are mostly government agencies, law enforcement bodies, security companies and professionals who deal with surveillance protection and protection of confidential data . REI...


­Specification of Counter surveillance equipment - Probe CPM-700
General features of the counter surveillance equipment
Powered with batteries
  • 8 × MN1500 AA batteries
  • 8 × 550mAh NiCad accumulators
Network power supply
  • input: 95-l30VAC 50-60Hz / 200-275VAC 50-60Hz
  • output: 12V DC
Operation time of the counter surveillance equpment
  • MN1500 AA - batteries 10-16 h
  • 550mAh NiCad accumulators - 3-5 h
Low battery indicatoralarm below 10% of charge
Battery recharge time 500mA NiCad8-10 h
Probe of radio frequencies
Gain20dB for the middle frequency
  • 50kHz-2GHz - 3dB
  • 3GHz - 10dB
Sensitivity-62dBm (1 segment) -85dBm M.D.L.
Counter surveillance equipment - detection of the very low frequencies
Frequency response15kHz-1MHz-3dB
Maximum input voltage300 VAC 50-60Hz
Isolation1500 VAC 60Hz
Sensitivity-38dBm (1 segment) -60 M.D.L.
Audio amplifier
1 AGC - Automatic gain control
Input impedance50kΩ
Input range1,7µV-10V (135dB) AGC 1
Dynamic range of the counter surveillance equipment100dB
Frequency response
  • 100Hz-15kHz 3dB
  • 500Hz-24dB/octaves
  • 2,5kHz-18dB/octaves
Headphone autput5Vp-p 220
Registrating output25 mVp-p z AGC
Scale of the signal strength18 segments (flashing with a single segment of liberating value)
Dynamic range50dB
Alarm outputsound 2.8kHz or flashing LED diode
Remote control output300mA, 25V MAX
The main unit CPA-700
Size23,2 × 15,6 × 4,4 cm
Weight of Probe CPM-7001,1 kg


  • Counter surveillance equipment - Probe CPM-700
  • Probe of the low frequencies
  • Soft case


  • Bateria AA Duracell
    Duracell AA battery
    • AA battery
    • Alkaline battery
    • Manufacturer: Duracell
    • Ideal for everyday use
    • 8 times longer lasting than Zn-C batteries
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