Densitometer Buster K910G – portable device for contraband detection in vehicles and containers

Buster K910G is a reliable densitometer which enables detection of objects in places which could be partially damaged or would be time-consuming dissembling to be searched. Moreover, the densitometer Buster K910G is totally safe for human health and environment, as it does not contain lead components and, in addition, it emits at least 25% less radiation than other competitive solutions.

  • Quick measurement

    Instant measurement

  • LCD screen

    Safe for health

  • 3 operation modes

    3 operating modes of the densitometer

  • Sound indication

    Audible alarm

Frequent smuggling of illegal items in hard-to-reach places such as head rests, seats, tires, bulkheads and all other places where direct inspection does not allow to detect those objects, while dismantling of an object is impossible without damaging it, resulted in creation of density meters. DMD1209x scans the surface recording changes in density, which could indicate presence of hidden objects. The detnsitometer copes well with metal, glass and wood surfaces and many other.

Sturdy design of the densitometer Buster K910G protects the device against harmful external factors. In addition, the screen has been reinforced with resistant glass to prevent rapid scratches. Ergonomic design guarantees efficient operation, and the energy-saving system provides power for an uninterrupted 40-hour work. The great advantage of the device is quick calibration time on the calibration cube and quick indication of density fluctuations in a given place. The densitometer is lighter than other products available on the market, weighing only 900 g and is much lighter compared to competitive devices, which is extremely important during long hours of searches.

Key features of the densitometer Buster K910G

  • short reaction time - 25 sec
  • clear LCD screen presenting digital dependences
  • ergonomic design
  • possibility of connecting an additional monitor on the boom
  • sturdy construction
  • built-in test
  • manual density meter
  • searching without dismantling the object
  • safe for the operator’s health
  • energy-efficient power system
  • continuous work for up to 40 h

Additional accessories available on demand

  • Grip for Xtender

    Telescopic Xbuster handle

    A useful accessory for the densitometer is a telescopic handle that increases the detection range by up to 2 meters. This is a particularly useful tool when searching for any semi-trailers, boats or containers. In addition, in the bottom part, above the handle there is a mounting that allows you to attach an additional LCD screen.

  • Additional screen

    Additional Buster LCD screen

    The screen of the densitometer is mounted on the handle so that the displayed parameters are within the view of the operator. It is an essential accessory for searches of higher parts of the object.

­Specification of the Densitometer Buster K910G – portable device for contraband detection in vehicles and containers
1 the amount which do not need to be registered (no more then 7,6 µCi, .28MBq)
Radiation source 133 Bar 1
Source protection Rad-Aware®
Penetration depth 15,2 cm
Scanning speed 0,25 second/read
Calibration time 15 s/td>
Operation time of the densitometer
  • scan
  • 3-raw
  • built-in test
Operation temperature -20 up to +55°C
Operation time
  • up to 40 hours of continous operation
  • from 6 - 12 months in stand-by mode
Power supply 1× 9 V battery
Dimensions 140×64×64 mm
Weight of the densitometer 900 g
CSECO, or Campbell / Harris Security Equipment Company, is an American company with many years of experience, specializing in the manufacture of advanced equipment designed to detect contraband and contraband. Over the years, the requirements for detecting contraband have changed. Today, smugglers are attempting to transport not only drugs or alcohol across national borders, but also dangerous materials such as radioactive dirty bombs. The worsening smuggling world means that the inspections carried out by law enforcement should be even more thorough.
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In box
In box
  • Densitometer Buster K910G – portable device for contraband detection
  • Calibration cube
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