Diasonic external microphone (mono)
Diasonic external microphone (mono)

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Diasonic external microphone (mono)

  • Sensitive external microphone
  • Suitable for human speech
  • Conducting discrete recordings
  • Improved sound quality
  • Easy to use

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Diasonic external microphone (mono)

Very good quality microphone for a small price.

Presented external microphone is particularly recommended for use with Diasonic voice recorders, but will also be a great tool wherever a discreet and invisible way to use the microphone is needed. This model has been designed in order to best record human speech. Its small size will allow to hide it in a cuff or neckline and combine it with the recorder placed in a less exposed part of the wardrobe.

  • Diasonic external microphone
  • User manual



Diasonic Technology Co. Ltd. is a modern company which aims at improving their products according to the newest trends and technical possibilities. Founded in South Korea, the company specializes in production of electronic audio devices – digital voice recorders , MP3 players...


  • Diasonic external microphone
  • User manual

Reviews (4)

By Jac A.

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By Alfred P.

Comment : I like the fact that it is tiny wthat allows for discreet and alsmost invisible use. Oh, and the price is very affordable
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By Robert F.

Comment : I agree with the previous comments :) CHeap, handy, small in size, sensitive mini microphone. If you're looking for one - you've found it!@
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By Thomas H.

Comment : Good quality for a low price.
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