Counter surveillance system DigiScan Delta 100 X 4/12G for wiretaps, hidden cameras, GPS trackers and other spying devices detection

Delta X 100 is an upgraded version of the device Delta 4G/12G, well-known among state uniformed services and in the detective branch, that detects devices intended for obtaining classified information unlawfully. The new version is faster, more sensitive and much more accurate.

Delta X 100 applies technology that enables to analyse band spectrum. The digital receiver, compared to standard RF scanners, allows to obtain complete information on all the radio transmissions present within the searched area with no need to move the equipment, which might be difficult. Band scanning speed in version X 100 4/12G, compared to the previous Delta 4/12G has been increased by 50 MHz to amount 100 MHz, so the scanning time has been reduced by half.

The use of two antennas allows to detect all kinds of spy equipment regardless of the applied method of transmission coding and modulating. The main principle of operation of the system detecting e.g. radio wiretapping is its capability to distinguish strengths of electromagnetic waves that depend on the source of the sound, which means that if the radio signal is transmitted close to the antenna the stronger the signal is, and of course, the farther the distance of signal transmission, the weaker signal is received. This way it is possible to determine position of the spy device.

System for detecting spy devices, besides detecting radio transmissions, will also be able to detect GSM, 3G, LTE, Bluetooth, WiFi and other signals of that kind as well as audio-video devices operating both in continuous and intermittent modes.

The Countersurveillance system Delta X 100 together with the compatible software is a tool used by the detective branch professionals as well as by the national defence services. The device has an intuitive user-friendly interface and does not require the operator to have any expert knowledge and the provided information is sufficient to detect and locate a wiretap or a camera. The operator gains access to advanced information and statistics needed for subsequent analysis.

Key features of countersurveillance system Delta 100 X 4/12G

  • Quick detection

    Quick detection of listening devices

    The counter surveillance has been designed based on the new technology which enables the operator to quickly (in 60-120 seconds) detect a digital or analogue wiretapping and all other kinds of audio-video transmitters with or without encryption.

  • Detects digital signals

    Detecting digital signals

    Counter surveillance System Delta 100 X detects hidden devices that use digital standard such as GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G/ LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DECT and etc. The digital signal features discreet values.

  • 2 antennas system

    2 antennas system

    The use of two antennas enables rapid distinguishing between the signals coming from a room and those coming from the outside.

  • Quick spectrum analysis

    Instant analysis of spectrum

    The use of the modernised digital receiver enables instant analysis of the spectrum with the speed of 100 MHz/ second with the 15 kHz interval. It is a great achievement which will help to reduce the duration of risk of possible surveillance.

  • Range of scanning

    Scanning range

    Counter surveillance system uses the module that enables scanning a wide range of frequencies 4G: 40 kHz - 4400 MHz / 12G: 100 kHz - 12400 MHz.

  • Detection

    Detecting short signals

    Depending on the version the detector is capable of detecting short signals. The 4G version can detect signals that last for at least 45 seconds, and the 12G is able to detect signals that are at least 60-120 seconds long.

  • Different modes of operation

    Different operation modes of the counter surveillance system

    • RF scanning guarantees maximum response time and high sensitivity. Operator can move around during detection,
    • 24/7: the 24 h operation mode rejects short signals, reduces the number of false alarms thanks to the use of two antennas,
    • detecting GPS locators using GSM transmission in vehicles,
    • LF probe: enables to test power lines, telephone lines, IR bands and bugging signals,
    • analysis of electromagnetic field (enables detection of electrical devices e.g. video cameras),
    • manual mode allows to carry out initial inspection of the area,
    • analysis, demodulation and location of the detected signals,
    • settings: contain general information about GSM, WiFi networks in the area.
  • Automatic recording

    Automatic data recording

    Possibility of recording data for later analysis of the detected signals. This is extremely useful in case of regularly coming signals.

  • Graficzna representation

    Graphical display of the results

    The device offers a few graphical arrangements that clearly show the detection results:

    • broadband spectrogram
    • sonogram
    • graphs
  • High class antenna RF and VLF

    RF antennas and VLF probes

    The counter surveillance system Delta 100 X comes with two omnidirectional antennas ODA-4, microwave antenna MWA-6, microwave antenna MWA-12, IR probe, power line probe 110/220V AC, low voltage and telephone line probe.

Specification of the Counter surveillance system DigiScan Delta 100 X 4/12G for wiretaps, hidden cameras, GPS trackers and other spying devices detection
  Delta X 100/4 Delta X 100/12
1 minimum time of signal transmission
40 kHz - 4400 MHz 100 kHz - 12400 MHz
45 s 60 - 120 s
0,5 Gb 1 Gb
100 MHz/sec
15 kHz
-90dBm do -10dBm
0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 6000 MHz
  • broadband spectrogram
  • chart
  • 2 × antenna input
  • 1 × probe input
Delta X 1.0
Windows 7, 8, 10
0°C to +70°C 0°C to +50°C
110/220V AC
DigiScan Labs
Digiscan Labs is a brand specializing in anti-spyware systems, privacy protection and securing critical information from surveillance. The experience of many specialists accumulated during the Cold War has been transformed into modern systems.
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In box
In box
  • Software Delta X 1.0 - on a pendrive
  • Spectrum analyzer SignslHound USB SA124B
  • USB cable with a chip
  • DS-Line 2 Pro, VLF-convertor - the low-frequency converter
  • MWA Microwave Antenna-6
  • MWA Microwave Antenna-12*
  • USB cable for controller
  • The connection cable DS-Libe2 Pro - antenna switch / Converter LF
  • Carrying case
  • 2 × omnidirectional antenna RF ODA-4
  • Cable BNC-BNC
  • Cable BNC-SMA
  • Probe into AC power lines
  • Infrared IR Probe
  • Telephone and low voltage lines probe
  • Connection cable for probes (10m)

*12G version


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