Digital Bug Sweeper for counter surveillance - PRO7000FX
Digital Bug Sweeper for counter surveillance - PRO7000FX

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Digital Bug Sweeper for counter surveillance - PRO7000FX

  • Signal strength graphic indicator
  • Precise location of transmission source
  • Clear, backlit LCD screen of the digital bug sweeper
  • Smart charging system
  • FREE - test eavesdropping transmitter

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Digital Bug Sweeper for counter surveillance - PRO7000FX

Digital Bug Sweeper for counter surveillance - PRO7000FX is a device designed for professional indoor detection and location of RF listening devices, with an additional, remarkably useful Burst Detect function. The PRO7000FX detector is recommended especially for those who seek discretion, reliability and impressive functionality.

  • Frequency range

    Frequency range of the digital bug sweeper

    0-7200 MHz

  • Power supply

    Power supply of the device for counter surveillance

    built-in battery

  • Global range

    Operation time of the bug sweeper

    up to 8 h

  • Display

    LCD display

Detection of a frequency displays a notification on an LCD screen containing information about signal strength, which allows for precise location of a listening device. The system detecting the strength of the signal also allows to locate its source. The digital bug sweeper for counter surveillance is equipped with a headphone output, allowing to listen in on transmissions on the detected frequency to determine whether it is the signal the operator is searching for.

Built-in efficient Li-Ion batteries allow for about 8 hours of continuous work, ensuring convenient use of the PRO7000FX detector.

Key features of the Digital Bug Sweeper for counter surveillance - PRO7000FX

  • Localising listening devices

    Localising listening devices

    The PRO7000FX digital bug sweeper allows to precisely determine the location of bugs, even the ones concealed in inconspicuous places, or within desk lamps, alarm clocks, or other everyday appliances!

  • Listening in on transmissions

    Listening in on transmissions

    The locator comes with a headphone output, which allows to listen in on signals from a detected transmitter and to determine whether it comes from a listening device.

  • Utterly discreet

    Utterly discreet!

    It can be used in presence of third parties, placing it under a coat and switching to vibration mode. Walking around with PRO7000FX detector in your pocket, you will be able to inspect the room for listening devices without arousing any suspicions.

  • Extremely user-friendly

    Extremely user-friendly!

    No need to have specialist knowledge. Simply switch the PRO7000FX detector on, set up an appropriate frequency and check whether is indicates presence of listening devices.

  • Signal type determination

    Signal type determination

    Specialist software allows to determine the type of detected signal – analogue or digital.

  • Burst detect function

    Burst detect function

    PRO7000FX is able to detect devices based on advanced GPS systems (trackers, mobile phones) and technologies using short data bursts, which are impossible to find with cheap detectors.

  • 10-segment signal strength indicator

    10-Segment signal strength indicator

    Closing in on a signal source with PRO7000FX causes LED indicators to light up or, optionally, signalises the proximity with vibration.

  • Aircraft aluminium housing

    Aircraft aluminium housing

    The PRO7000FX digital bug sweeper is made from extremely durable material, resistant to mechanical damage.

  • Small size

    Compact size

    Handy and comfortable in operation due to its small dimensions and conveniently designed housing.


Spytechnology JJN Digital

Spytechnology JJN Digital is a brand which belongs to JJN Electronics Limited. It was founded in 1996 in Great Britain . It is a leading producer of supervising equipment and anti-spy appliances . It is an innovative and dynamic company which designs and produces its appliances...


Specification of Digital Bug Sweeper for counter surveillance - PRO7000FX
Frequency range0-7200MHz
Signal strength indicator10-segment signal strength indicator
Audio demodulator0-2560 MHz
  • 100MHz -47dBm
  • 200MHz -47dBm
  • 500MHz -46dBm
  • 1GHz -41dBm
  • 2GHz -29dBm
  • 5GHz -8dBm
  • 7.2GHz -3dBm
Power supply of the digital bug sweeperbuilt-in 7.2V 650mAh battery
Charging timeup to 3 h
Operation time of the device for counter surveillanceup to 8 h
Dimension114 × 69 × 25 mm
Weight245 g


  • Digital Bug Sweeper for counter surveillance - PRO7000FX
  • Earphones
  • Two external antennas
  • Power supply
  • User manual
  • FREE - test eavesdropping transmitter

Reviews (2)

By Finlay F.

Comment : Definitely for advanced users like myself. Paid a lot but I would have paid again as this product is simply a masterpiece, no exaggeration here.
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By Aiden M.

Comment : works impressively well
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