Digital voice recorder with protecting password - TAR-22
Digital voice recorder with protecting password - TAR-22
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Digital voice recorder with protecting password - TAR-22

  • From 26 to 848 h of recordings
  • Very high sound quality
  • Customized working parameters
  • Digital voice recorder with protecting password - TAR-22 ensures voice activated recording
  • Protecting password

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Digital voice recorder with protecting password - TAR-22

TAR-22 provides many useful features such as the ability to voice activated recording which saves the device memory and extends the operating time in standby mode due to lower current draw.

One of the smallest voice recorders on the market - just 42 × 9 × 16 mm! Its compact size is very handy and easy to disguise. The Digital voice recorder - TAR-22 construction makes it very difficult to detect, even with a detector based on testing the presence of non-linear connections (NLJD). An advanced technology offers a very high sound quality through the use of modern microphone (high sensitivity allows you to capture sounds even up to 10m).

The digital voice recorder offers a variety of methods of data compression and the ability to change the sampling rate, so that the user can configure the device to suit your needs. The data is stored on the internal memory of 4GB capacity, which can save from 26 to 848 hours depending on the quality settings. It is powered by a zinc-oxygen ZA675 battery or AG13 alkaline battery. The use of energy-saving technology provides even 85h working hours on a single battery! You can also connect the DC power (micro USB). In this case, a working time is independent of the battery capacity.

Additionally, you can set the schedule recording at certain times and days of the week. A very important function is password-protected access to recordings, so that the collected data is safe and can not be used by unauthorized persons. All device parameters can be easily programmed through a dedicated software after connecting the recorder to a computer. It simplifies the management and archiving of recordings. The housing is made of durable aluminium, which effectively protects against mechanical damage

  • Work time

    Operation time of thedigital voice recorder

    19 - 85 h


  • Power supply

    Power supply


    mini USB

  • microphone

    Range the microphone

    up to 10m

  • Frequency response

    Frequency response

    20 Hz ~ 20 kHz

  • Microphone


  • USB

    USB port

  • Recorder function

    Recording time

  • Password protection

    Password protection

  • Earphones


  • WAV

    Recording format


  • Record


    memory 4GB

  • Record

    Charging time

    2 to 3 h

The device has a fast USB 1.1/2.0 interface and cooperates with Windows, Apple and Unix systems.


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Specification of the Digital voice recorder with protecting password - TAR-22
Built-in memory4 GB
External memorynone
Recording time of the Digital voice recorder TAR-22from 26 to 848 h 1
Voice activated recording modeyes
Schedule recording mode
  • yes
  • weekly calendar
Registration of external devicesyes
  • built-in
  • mono
  • range up to 10 m
External microphonenone
Channels20Hz ~ 20kHz (-6dB)Hz
Sampling rate5.5, 8, 11, 16, 22kHz
Bit rate10 - 320 kbit/s
Dynamic range of the digital voice recorder- 80 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio65 dB
  • uncompressed 16bit
  • u-Law
  • 4 bit ADPCM
  • 2 bit ADPCM
File formatWAV (after export)
Automatic Gain Controlyes
Power supply of TAR-22
  • battery
  • ZA675 or AG13
  • mains 3.3V – 6V
  • miniUSB
Operation time of the digital voice recorder
  • up to 85 h battery - ZA675
  • up to 19 h battery - AG13
Power consumptionup to 200uA
Player functionno
Built-in speakerno
Interface of the digital voice recorder2.0 USB
Supported operating systemsWindows ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8,
Dimensions46 × 9 × 16 mm


  • Digital voice recorder with protecting password - TAR-22
  • User manual

Reviews (7)

By Hamza G.

Comment : high-class gear
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By Elias C.

Comment : if you're looking for the best quality and can afford spending this much - go for it and you wont regret
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By Dominic H.

Comment : I'd like to add to the previouscomments that it is protected with a password so unauthorised persons are not able to use it
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By Jacob B.

Comment : If I was asked if it’s worth recommending the answer would be YES.
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By Dylan T.

Comment : I dropped it accidentally a few times already and I thought it is over but gladly nothing has been damaged and works just fine. Must be durable indeed
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By Liam B.

Comment : Apart from being tiny it doesn’t pick up any cracking noises from the environment while hidden which is an achievement itself comparing to others!
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By Robert E.

Comment : My only criticism is that TAR-22 should use a micro SD card to make recordings more transferable. Besides that I am a great fan of this device. even the price seems to be tolerable.
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