Discreet miniature recorder MP-202
Discreet miniature recorder MP-202

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Discreet miniature recorder MP-202

  • The smallest discreet audio-video recorder
  • MPEG4 format
  • 4 GB built-in memory
  • Cooperates with a computer and TV
  • Possibility of plugging in various cameras

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MP-202 discreet miniature recorder

MP-202 is a miniature recorder constructed to guarantee the highest discretion.

The discreet camera has a 4 GB built-in memory and cooperates with various types of video cameras connected externally by the provided cables. Additional virtue is powering the plugged video camera with the 5 V electric current so we don't need to have any unnecessary cables by the recorder.

To keep the convenience of the miniature camera the display screen is not present, but at the same time the menu can be operated through plugging to the TV or computer screen. Also, the remote control is included. Audio-video recordings are saved into the MPEG4 format and work with every multimedia player. Additionally, the discreet recorder allows to make photographs in 640 x 480 resolution.

To extend the miniature camera's operation time and to save the energy, the option recording with overwriting should be chosen. Then, the newest recordings will replace the oldest.

MP-202 discreet camera is a great choice when you look for a miniature device which is unnoticeable, functional and easy to use at the same time.

  • Work time

    Operation time of the discreet camera


  • full HD

    Power supply of the miniature video recorder

    mains power

  • Video recordings

    Video recordings format


  • Memory

    Built-in memory

    4 GB

  • Recordings overriding

    Recordings overwriting


  • Screenshots

    Wireless remote

  • usb

    USB port

  • Screenshots

    Miniature video camera



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Specification of MP-202 miniature discreet recorder
Built-in memory4 GB
External memorynone
Plugging in the external video-camerayes, 2.5 mm jack (5V powering)
Video formatPAL / NTSC
Video resolution of the discreet miniature camera640 x 480 programmable
Frames per second30 fps
Video encodingMPEG-4
Video recordings formatAVI
Recordings overridingyes
Recordings' markingyes
Display screen of the miniature audio-video recorderyes
Video playbackyes 1
Plugging the external video - camera
  • yes
  • 2.5 mm jack (5V powering)
Power supply of the miniature recorder230V / 5V power pack
Operation after the power pluck is pluggedyes
Interface of the discreet cameraminiUSB 2.0
Supported operating systemsWindows XP, Vista, 7
Size70 × 14.5 × 7.9 mm
Discreet Camera


  • MP-202 discreet miniature recorder
  • Remote control
  • Cable set
  • User manual

Reviews (7)

By Trevor O.

Comment : It has all you need for discreet monitoring plus a few useful options like overwiting old footage & a wireless remote
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By Cole W.

Comment : quick delivery , all good , cheers
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By Julian B.

Comment : this mini recorder was advised to me by the Detective Store Expert and I would like to thank him for that as it fully fulfills my needs.
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By Daniel R.

Comment : Basic gear for beginners like me ;)
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By Jake M.

Comment : No display screen but it can easily be plugged to tv or computer, used it few times, no issues
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By Thomas W.

Comment : Could have SD slot but 4 gb is not too bad, you can always overwrite data if needed
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By Lauren W.

Comment : I was surprised how small it is, you can put it anywhere you want. Discretion is its biggest plus,
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