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Dog tracker by Tractive

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Dog tracker by Tractive

  • Water resistance compliant with IPX7 standard
  • GSM range in over 80 countries
  • Real-time tracking
  • Dog tracker is equipped with robust clipping to a collar
  • Filtration of the strongest signals

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Dog tracker by Tractive without subscription

A GPS for a dog made by Tractive is a modern and robust locator dedicated for all those who are greatly bothered by frequent escapes of their dog, horse or other home pet.

The GPS dog tracker made by the acclaimed Tractive company is designed especially for the users who are not indifferent to the good of their four-legged friends. The unit is equipped with an ergonomic clips enabling a firm mounting to any fabric collar of sufficient width.

The robust clipping and ergonomic construction ensure a stable operation even during hunting, when a dog is exposed to a variety of ambient factors, including bad weather and hindrances like bushes or twigs. For more demanding users who also take care of the aesthetics we offer a pink casing, as well a version in camouflage colours dedicated for hunting dogs.

To take use of all functionalities of the dog tracker it's necessary to buy one-year tracking service and to install a free software available on user's mobile devices based on Android or iOS platforms.


As the strong magnetic fields may interfere with any tracking devices, or sometimes even make damage to them, the trackers shouldn't be used in the areas of their activity.

3 steps to make your dog secured

Tractive locator

Tractive locator

The modern, small GPS for a dog enables a real-time tracking of your pet by means of an application installed on a mobile device.



Download a free application available for mobile devices based on Android or iOS platforms.

Spot your dog

Spot your dog!

Has your dog run away? No panic! Switch on the application and real-time tracking! There will appear a route on a display of your mobile device which your four-legged friend moves.

Most important functionalities of the Dog tracker by Tractive without subscription

  • LED diode

    LED diode

    There is a built-in LED diode on the outer surface of the locator that enables you to locate your dog quickly during walks after twilight.

  • Water resistance

    Water resistance

    The dog tracker was constructed in full compliance with the IPX7 tightness standard which guarantees protection against rain, humidity, up to 1 m immersion or mud during joyful plays.

  • Easy to mount

    Easy to mount

    The GPS locator is mounted to a collar by means of clips which grants a reliable firm connection even in case of the most vital four-legged pets.


This dog tracker can operate using all its functionalities ONLY after buying a one-year tracking service.

Tractive tracking service and application functionalities

  • Lokalizacja na żywo

    One-year tracking service by Tractive

    Tracking service covers:

    • One-year access to the GPS platform
    • Customer support service (response time within 24 hours)
    • Network filtration and the strongest signals interception
    • unlimited history
    • Operation in more than 80 countries
  • Live GPS localization

    Live GPS localization

    Due to live tracking functionality the dog tracker is able to show a dog's location not only in the position from the last few minutes but also it enables a user to monitor dog's route in real time.

  • Range of operation

    Range of operation

    The dog tracker works in over 80 countries. Take notice, please, that the device operation is dependent on the quality of signal transmission via a particular network.

  • Safe zone

    Safe zone

    One of the key functionalities of the GPS is so called "safe zone" which allows a user to define such a desired distance from home (as a radius) within which a dog can move freely. In case a dog crosses a zone border, the application will display a message about such an event.

  • Free application

    Free application

    After buying one-year tracking service it's necessary to download and install a free application compatible with Android or iOS systems. Location of the device is continually updated on an interactive map which is used by the application.

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"Animals are our passion" is the main slogan of Tractive company which operates since 2012. Its products are dedicated to animals and their owners. The offer contains a variety of products so anyone will something for his no matter if it is a domestic dog or a hunting dog. Modern...


Specification of Dog tracker by Tractive without subscription
1 depending on network coverage and usage
24-Hour locationyes
"Live" viewyes
WaterproofIPX7 standard
Operating time2 - 5 days 1
Charging timeup to 2 h
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web browser
The minimum weight of the animalfrom 4,5 kg
Weight35 g
Dimensions51 × 41 × 15 mm


  • Dog tracker by Tractive without subscription
  • 2 mounting clips in two sizes
  • AC adapter 110-240V
  • USB cable
  • User manual


    Reviews (7)

    By Nicholas B.

    Comment : All good but after a year you need to purchase additional tracking service.
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    By John C.

    Comment : My dog is an idependent bastard thar doesn't want to listen to my commands. Now I can track its location in real-time to find it - - perfect!
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    By Joey P.

    Comment : rain does no damage . It is easy to mount, I think that my dog doesn't feel it on the collar.
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    By Joel O.

    Comment : Good wuality, ,firm hold + led diode to locate your animal after dark . Oh and you can also set a safe zone to keep your dog near you .
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    By Emily H.

    Comment : a must have for every pet owner
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    By James L.

    Comment : my dog looves to roll over in puddles or jump in a nearby pond and I was afraid that the tracker would be useless. But this one is actually water proof and very durable, my dog is not able to destroy it, yay
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    By Jasmine L.

    Comment : I lost one dog when I was a child, it run away and never came back. I still remember the sadness and resignation. When I heard about tractive I was more yhan happy that pet tracker finally exists. I purchased one for my lab so that the story can't happen again.
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