DPA 7000 TALAN - Telephone and Line Analyzer Movie
DPA 7000 TALAN - Telephone and Line Analyzer
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DPA 7000 TALAN - Telephone and Line Analyzer

  • Suite of automated tests
  • Phone line security analysis
  • Demodulation, reflectometer and NLJD
  • VoIP Internet phone systems analysis
  • DPA-7000 TALAN Telephone and Line Analyzer detects RF signals


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Telephone and Line Analyzer - DPA-7000 TALAN

The DPA-7000 to is an instrument for analysis, detection of anomalies and location of possible sources of threat to telephone systems.

The TALAN DPA-7000 is a professional system designed for inspecting telephone lines in order to detect and locate possible surveillance device, as well as to assess the security level. It is compatible with analogue, digital and VoIP phones alike.

Features of the Telephone and Line Analyzer

  • Automated tests suite

    Automated tests suite

    Multiple automatic tests conducted by DPA-7000 TALAN system allow to inspect phone lines for unauthorized surveillance. Due to the automatic switching matrix, all possible combinations are tested – e.g. an 8-wire cable means 28 pairs, every one of which is tested. The results are stored for possible further analysis.

  • Digital demodulation

    Digital demodulation

    Telephone and line analyzer allows to determine whether an inspected line is used to transfer audio signals. DPA-7000 TALAN is capable of decoding approximately 80% of digital phone systems used worldwide.

  • FDR

    Frequency domain reflectometer (FDR)

    Possible presence of a security threat is determined by detecting phone line's impedance anomalies. It allows to conduct comparative analysis for multiple pairs of wires and to compare results with previously collected information.

  • NLJD

    Non-linear junction detection (NLJD)

    DPA-7000 TALAN detects all electronic devices connected to a specific inspected line. It allows for easy determination whether any unidentified – and potentially dangerous – devices are attached to the line.

  • Digital multimeter

    Digital multimeter

    Measures the basic electrical parameters of telephone lines, such as voltage, current, or resistance. The switching matrix allows to analyse all possible wire combinations, while clear display of results makes it possible to identify anomalies.

  • FDR

    Audio amplifier with built-in oscilloscope

    Voice band audio signal amplifier (20Hz – 20kHz, 80dB total gain). A DC bias generator allows to power attached electronics.

  • Signal detection

    RF signal analysis and detection

    Detailed spectrum analysis (frequency up to 85MHz) and time domain display (shows AM and FM modulation). Due to a broadband RF probe, it is possible to analyse RF energy up to 8GHz and depict its level over time, allowing to locate radio transmitters.

  • VoIP

    VoIP (voice-over internet protocol) phone analysis

    Ability to test VoIP phones – so-called Internet utilising IP protocol. Telephone and line analyzer collects address data, MAC/IP addresses, header types and statistical data, providind the possibility to filter them according to user-defined settings. It is possible to connect the device to non-POE (Power Over Ethernet) 10/1000Mbps lines using an adapter. Collected information is stored on USB memory or a Compact Flash card.

  • VoIP

    Specialist software of the telephone and line analyzer

    Included software allows for transparent display of collected data, as well as to analyse and export it, and to generate reports. DPA-7000 TALAN also provides the possibility to compare multiple lines simultaneously and identify potential threats.

Product video


Research Electronics International (REI)

Research Electronics International (REI) was founded in 1983 in Cookeville, Tennessee, USA . REI's clients are mostly government agencies, law enforcement bodies, security companies and professionals who deal with surveillance protection and protection of confidential data . REI...


Specification of DPA 7000 TALAN - Telephone and Line Analyzer
Control unit
Processor of the Line Analyzer32bit RISC, 520MHz
Internal memory64MB SDRAM (OS), 64MB Flash
External memorycompact Flash up to 2GB
Digital I/O ports
USB (type A)external keyboard, mouse, or an USB drive
Ethernet10/100 Ethernet controller
Host USB (type B)compact Flash up to 2GB
Analog I/O
Headphone output3.5mm mono connector
Microphone input3.5mm mono input
User interface
Hard keys6 soft menu keys, 5 button quadrant navigation & other dedicated keys
Encoderhigh-resolution optical encoder
Display of DPA-7000 TALANtouch screen with stylus
Hard keys6 soft menu keys, 5 button quadrant navigation & other dedicated keys
Test inputs
Dual MOD8supports 2, 4, 6, & 8 wire modular phone jacks
Banana typestandard sleeved sockets: ring, tip, and earth
SMB RF input of Telephone and Line AnalyzerRF/antenna connection to 8 ghz broadband detector
Expansion port of the telephone and line analyzersupports communication and measurement for use with future accessories
RF system
Spectrum analyzer
Receiversuper-heterodyne with dual conversion
Frequency range30kHz to 85MHz
Sweep time2 seconds
Step size1kHz
Bandwidth of the telephone and line analyzer18kHz
Broadband detector
RF SMB inputto 8GHz
Line level test100kHz to 600MHz
Digital multimeter
Range of DPA-7000 TALANresponse auto-ranging, 500msec sample rate
AC/DC volts0 to 250V max.
Resistance0 to 40 MegOhm
Capacitance4nF to 4.2ľF
Bias generator
High voltage DACoptically isolated, direct digital control
Modulationfixed voltage, or variable rate sinewave (10Hz - 300Hz)
Output voltage± 80V
Audio bandwidth20Hz - 20KHz
Gainup to 80dB total system gain (voice band)
AGCdigitally controlled automatic gain
Filteranalog voice band filter (300Hz to 3kHz)
External input9 - 15VDC @ 3A
Universal power supply100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
Removable batteryrechargeable Li-Ion, 4-6 hours of run time
Operating temperature0°C to +50°C
Weight with battery2.7 kg
Set weight7.1 kg (Including TALAN and accessories)
Case dimension13.7cm × 37.8cm × 49.5cm
Dimensions25.4cm × 32.8cm × 6.9cm


  • Telephone and Line Analyzer - DPA-7000 TALAN
  • Case
  • User manual

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