Drone with camera - Phantom 4 PRO with range up to 3 km
Drone with camera - Phantom 4 PRO with range up to 3 km

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Drone with camera - Phantom 4 PRO with range up to 3 km

  • Flight range up to 3 km
  • Operation time up to 30 minutes
  • Intelligent flight modes
  • Recording speed 100 mbps
  • Drone with camera creates Noise-free image

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Phantom 4 PRO - drone with camera with range up to 3 km

Drone with camera Phantom 4 PRO - is a modern and functional drone that enables recording images from the air. Recording without distortions and a number of flight modes provide fully satisfactory and safe operation of the device in the air.

  • Operation time

    Operation time of the drone with camera

    up to 30 minutes

  • Maximum Range

    Maximum Range

    up to 3 km

  • Writing speed

    Writing speed

    100 Mb/s

  • Sensor


    Exmor R

Drone with camera Phantom 4 PRO - is a modern and functional drone that gives a real pleasure of image recording from the air. The maximum speed of the device is 72 km/h which guarantees clear and noise-free image. The device has intelligent flight modes which allow operation in different ambient conditions, which is a great advantage while operating a drone. An up-to-date Exmor R sensor performs a three-dimension image processing to ensure safe and collision-free flight.

  • Excellent image quality

    Excellent image quality

    DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO has been equipped with an up-to-date video camera with 1” Exmar R sensor (CMOS). The use of the mechanical shutter helps prevent the rolling shutter effect (image distortion and appearance of artifacts at a high speed). Video footage can be recorded with the writing speed up to 100 mbps in HD resolution/60fps H.254 or 4K/30fps H2.265.

  • Obstacle detection system

    Obstacle detection system

    Thanks to additional rear video cameras and infrared system the drone with camera Phantom 4 PRO features wider field of view. The area scanned within 7 m distance is conical with an angle of 70 i 20°. Analysis of data from two IMU modules and both compasses is carried out on an ongoing basis while simultaneously correcting errors. Software of the drone processes the image into a three-dimension map of the area making the flight more predictable and safe.

  • Active Track

    Active Track

    The Active Track function of the recorder enables the drone with camera to follow a specific object.

    • Trace - following the object or flying in front of it, simultaneously avoiding obstacles,
    • Spotlight - the camera is pointing at the object while flying
    • Profile - flying on the right and on the left of the followed object
  • Intelligent flight modes

    Intelligent flight modes

    An important feature of the drone with camera is a range of intelligent flight modes which facilitate the device operation.

    • Draw - flight in accordance with the set way points. In Standard mode, the drone will move at a constant speed with the video camera pointed forward. While in Free mode it will move following the set route only on command and the video camera can be pointed in any direction.
    • Return to Home - Phantom 4 PRO saves the route travelled and when there is no signal from the transmitter, the drone returns the same way, adjusting the flight to obstacles on its way.
  • Power supply and operation time

    Power supply and operation time

    The drone with camera has been equipped with a 5870 mAh rechargeable battery which allows for about 30 minutes of continuous flight with simultaneous recording.

  • Automatic elimination of noises

    Automatic elimination of noises

    The transmitter applied in the drone has 5.8GHz integrated system of HD video transmissions Lightbridge which can be switched between 5.8 and 2.4 GHz to eliminate possible noises.



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Specification of Phantom 4 PRO drone with with camera and intelligent flight modes
1 mechanical shutter prevents rolling shutter effect
Camera 1" sensor Exmor R (CMOS), 20 Mpx
Range of flight up to 3 km
Shutter mechanical 1
Positioning systems of the drone wih camera GPS/GLONASS
Infrared system yes
Flight functions
  • draw
  • free
  • standard
Video recording
  • 4K/60fps, H.264
  • 4K/30fps, H.265
  • speed 100Mb/s
Maximum flight speed 72 km/h
Operation time of the drone with camera up to 30 min
Power supply: 5870 mAh battery


  • Drone with camera - Phantom 4 PRO with range up to 3 km
  • RC transmitter
  • 8 × propeller
  • Battery 5870 mAh
  • Charger
  • AC cable
  • Blockade of gimbal
  • USB OTG cable
  • USB cable
  • 16 GB memory card
  • Suitcase

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