Edic mini Tiny+ A77 HQ digital voice recorder for parental control
Edic mini Tiny+ A77 HQ digital voice recorder for parental control

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Edic mini Tiny+ A77 HQ digital voice recorder for parental control

  • Miniature digital voice recorder
  • Very high quality and clearness of sounds
  • 4 GB memory for up to 150 hours of recordings
  • Long records time – up to 55 hours
  • Voice activation and recordings schedule

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Edic mini Tiny+ A77 HQ digital voice recorder for parental control

Edic mini Tiny+ A77 model is a perfect tool for discreet sounds recording and parental control.

The product was designed by the reputable TS-Market brand which specializes in production of very high quality electronic devices offering long recording time. The A77 model is equipped with sensitive electronics which ensures clear sound in recording from even 12 meters distance. The possibility of configuration of recording settings allows to adjust the recording to surrounding conditions and expectations of the user. A miniature voice recorder is a perfect tool for both professional and amateur use.

  • Small size


    Miniature size and only 7 grams of weight allow to camouflage and use the device in any situation. Perfect for safe, remotely conducted parental control.

  • Extraordinary sound quality


    Clear sound of recordings is supported by a built-in 10-bit A/C converter and a sound processor.

  • Sensitive microphone


    The built-in microphone is very sensitive within a 12 meters range.

  • Various operation modes


    Possibility of adjusting the settings to working environment of the digital voice recorder.

    • continuous recording
    • voice activated recording with advanced parameters configuration
    • scheduled recording
    • quality settings (sampling within 8 to 22 kHz range)
  • Convenient data recording


    The voice recorder has a built-in 4 GB memory and can store as many as 150 hours of recordings in optimal settings (no compression, 8 kHz sampling)

  • Long working time


    The device was constructed with use of advanced components and efficient lithium polymer battery, which allows it to record 55 hours audio material continuously.



    This function allows to continue recording even after spending all the free memory – the newest recording replaces the oldest file. The appliance features a buffer memory with adjustable size.

  • Date time stamp


    Digital markers stamp the recordings with time and date of the recording, as well as the serial number of the voice recorder and record attempts of interference with the file. This function increases the authenticity of the recorded material.

  • Intuitive operation


    The operation of the A77 model is performed by only one switch, while functioning of the recorder is signalized by a LED indicator.



    The device can be connected to a computer by an USB port, allowing for fast uploading of recordings to other data storage devices.

Advanced features of the A77 digital audio recorder

Perfect audibility
Recording with or without the u-Law compression (adjustable of sampling frequency) allows to obtain very clear sound.

EMPlus Software
An advanced program for configuration of the device as far as recording quality, voice activation and scheduled recording are concerned. It also allows to manage the archived files. It guarantees easy recordings' playback from the appliance's memory with use of such options as omitting the silence and omitting the moments without recorded sounds.

SoundProcessor application

  • advanced recordings edition
  • noise cancellation
  • increasing recordings' audibility
  • conversion to text format (Google algorithm used)
  • Work time

    Work time

    up to 72 h


  • Power supply

    Power supply

    AC Power Bank Li-Ion battery

    mains power

  • Voice activated recording

    Voice activated recording

  • Frequency range

    Frequency response

    30 Hz ~ 11 kHz

  • Microphone



  • Earphones


  • Recorder function

    Data storage

    memory 2GB

  • MP3

    Recording format




Russian TS-Market Ltd is a company founded in 2001 as a export agent of Telesystems Ltd. The main tasks of the company are distributing and promoting its products in over 20 countries all over the world. TS-Market's appliances can be selected on few main groups: Edic-mini voice...


Specification of Edic mini Tiny+ A77 HQ digital voice recorder
1 depending on format and quality settings
Built-in memory4 GB/ 8 GB
External memorynone
Recording time150h / 300h 1
Voice Activating System
  • yes
  • advanced silence compression algorithm
Scheduled recordingyes
  • built-in
  • mono
  • up to 12 m range
External microphoneno
Dynamics range65 dB
S/N ratio-65 dB
Frequency range100Hz ~ 10kHz
File formatWAV
Sampling8, 11, 16, 22 kHz
  • without compression
  • u-Law
A/C converter10 bit
Power supply
  • Li-Poly 105 mAh battery
  • mains power: 5V DC (USB)
Work time
  • continuous recording: up to 55 h
  • voice activation mode: up to 70 h
  • standby mode: 9 months
Playback modeno
InterfacePC USB 2.0 (up to 7 MB/s)
Supported systemsWindows ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8
Working temperature scope0°C - 40°C
dimension29 × 15 × 12 mm
Weight7 g


  • Edic mini Tiny+ A77 HQ voice recorder with long recording time
  • Software (installed in the appliance's internal memory)
  • USB adapter
  • User's manual in English

Reviews (4)

By Laura K.

Comment : When you look at A77 recorder it could be anything ,a pendrive most likely.It’s very small, light, doesn’t catch any attention, just the way a surveillance device should be
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By Reece A.

Comment : It’s been advertised as a parental control, but I use it myself in everyday life as a journalist. Thanks to its big memory capacity and long range I get very good recordings that come in handy later for my articles.
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By Owen H.

Comment : I've been thinking of getting one of those and now when I have it I am glad
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By Mia F.

Comment : One button and job done, perfect!
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