Electrochemical breathalyzer ALCOLIFE F5 PRO with a printer for evidence collection in companies
Electrochemical breathalyzer ALCOLIFE F5 PRO with a printer for evidence collection in companies

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Electrochemical breathalyzer ALCOLIFE F5 PRO with a printer for evidence collection in companies

  • Working with an evidence printer
  • 0,05‰ accuracy
  • Touchscreen
  • Testing units:  ‰
  • 3 operating modes

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Electrochemical breathalyzer ALCOLIFE F5 PRO with a printer for evidence collection in companies

AlcoLife F5 is a professional evidence electrochemical breathalyzer with the interface that enables wireless communication with a printer. Electrochemical sensor, 3 measuring modes and possibility to save measurement results classify this breathalyser as a police-application device.

The electrochemical breathalyzer AlcoLife F5 has a highly sensitive electrochemical sensor that is used in professional police devices which ensures high accuracy of measurements. The electrochemical breathalyzer can be used as an evidence device after it has been calibrated and properly certified, in that case you can connect the device to a wireless printer in order to obtain a printed evidence.

The most common applications of electrochemical breathalyzer AlcoLife F5 PRO

  • the police,
  • shipping companies, manufacturing plants,
  • hospitals,
  • prisons, juvenile detention centres

Key features of the evidence electrochemical breathalyzer AlcoLife F5

  • Great sensors sensitivity

    Sensitive sensor

    Professional electrochemical sensor is a key element of the breathalyzer. A great advantage of the sensor is its sensitivity and accuracy of measurements of up to 0.05‰, as well as immediate readiness for the next measurement. High range of measurement allows to set alcohol concentration up to 4.00‰.

  • Sound indication

    Process of measurement

    The user is instructed through the measurement process by sound notifications and messages displayed on the screen. Besides, the device will immediately inform the user about measurement error and will instruct to repeat the measurement.

  • Work modes

    Operating modes

    The device can be operated in 3 modes adjustable to the current conditions:

    • mouthpiece measurement - for a routine inspection
    • passive - to examine an unconscious person
    • evidence - possibility of entering information about the person examined during the test
  • Result printing

    Compatible with a printer

    To document the test it is necessary to have a tangible evidence that it was carried out, e.g. on paper. After connecting to a dedicated printer the device will immediately print the result, providing you with a tangible proof.

  • LCD screen


    Operation of the electrochemical breathalyzer does not require much action. The sound signal will inform about the start and the end of the measurement as well as about its correctness and the result. The device has been equipped with a touchscreen with a special stylus.

FREE initial calibration

In order to use the first free calibration, please keep the proof of purchase (receipt or invoice) and warranty. Please contact Detective Store service representative after maximum 500 measurements or no longer than one year from the date of equipment purchase. The calibration will be done for free!

Quality guarantee

Quality assurance

Detective Store Company is an authorized distributor and importer to the United Kingdom. Therefore, we ensure that you receive genuine products directly from the manufacturer, who guarantees the authenticity and high quality of their merchandise.
This device complies with RoHS environmental directive, has the CE certification and is certified to ISO 9001, CE, FDA and NF.

AlcoFind is a new commercial brand on the market formerly known as Alcoscent.



ALCOLIFE® company is a leading brand in production of the electrochemical breathalyzers of the highest quality.


Specification of the electrochemical breathalyzer with a printer AlcoLife F5 PRO
Range0,00‰ - 4,000‰ BAC
Measurement modes
  • quick with a mouthpiece
  • without mouthpiece
  • evidential
Accuracy+/- 5%
LCD screentouchscreen, 2,4" TFT
Testing units: ‰
Memoryup to 10000 measurements
Power supply of the electrochemical breathalyzerlithium-ion battery
Required calibration
  • at least every 6 months
  • after 500 tests
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Connection with a printeryes
Dimensions140 × 70,5 × 31,5 mm
Weight140 g


  • Electrochemical breathalyzer ALCOLIFE F5 PRO
  • Power supply units
  • Lead
  • Reusable mouthpieces
  • Leather case
  • Printer + accessories - optional
  • User manual


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