Encrypted audio-video transmission system - DV TX-RX-1450
Encrypted audio-video transmission system - DV TX-RX-1450

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Encrypted audio-video transmission system - DV TX-RX-1450

  • Encrypted audio-video transmission system - DV TX-RX-1450 prevents signal interception
  • Advanced digital processing algorithms
  • Preview the image on the LCD
  • 720 × 576 resolution video transmission
  • High quality and withstands errors

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Encrypted audio-video transmission system - DV TX-RX-1450

The DV TX-RX-1450 system is used for wireless transmission of encrypted digital video and audio. It excels not only in open areas but also in urban environments and inside moving vehicles.

The TX-RX DV-1450 is a professional grade device of the highest quality, which uses advanced signal processing algorithms for encoding and error correction, as well as high quality antennae with properly selected characteristics.

Some major advantages of the encoded AV transmission system include high portability, transmission of high-quality digital signals, and encryption algorithms that prevent interception by unauthorised personnel.

  • Video Transmitter

    Video Transmitter

    The transmitter converts the signal to a digital form and compresses it using a WAVELET compression method. Compared to standard methods, the WAVELET method results in a much lower degree of signal distortion. It enables easier correction of errors that occur in the transmission path.

    A 20% data redundancy has been added to the signal path to allow superior error detection and correction, in case of partial data loss or damage. The system uses advanced cryptographic methods to encrypt the images and sound before transmission, to prevent interception.

    The transmitter is contained in a robust metal housing, features a built-in rechargeable battery, video and audio inputs, antenna input, and a power socket.

  • Video Receiver

    Video Receiver

    The receiver module supports 4 independent encrypted transmission channels, which are supported by a powerful digital signal processor. The received signal is decoded and converted so that it can be played back and recorded on the DVR, which is equipped with an LCD display.

    The Encrypted audio-video transmission system - DV TX-RX-1450 has a built-in LED signal quality indicator, AV outputs, an antenna connector and power connector. Powerful rechargeable batteries are integrated with the device to allow portability. Everything is housed in a handy carrying case, which effectively protects the kits against mechanical damage.

Key features of the DV TX-RX-1450 encrypted AV transmission system

  • Multi-path signal transmission capability.
  • Transmit video from moving vehicles.
  • Stable operation inside buildings in an urban environment.
  • Low power consumption and heat emission.
  • Integrated lithium-polymer power supply.
  • Unique encryption and transmission methods that are not found in standard devices.


Specification of Encrypted audio-video transmission system - DV TX-RX-1450
1 range is factory set 2 under normal operating conditions
Frequency 11000 - 1200 MHz
ModulationGMSK FM
Channel width7.5 MHz - 20 dBc
Power supply of the Encrypted audio-video transmission system - DV TX-RX-1450lithium-polymer battery, 7.4V, 3.3A/h
Output powernot more than 450 mW
Power consumptionnot more than 4W
Antenna connectorSMA
Weight of the Encrypted audio-video transmission system - DV TX-RX-1450450 g
Dimensions210 × 110 × 10mm
Housing temperature 2not more than 40° C
3 factory-set range
Frequency 31000 - 1200 MHz
ModulationGMSK FM
Tenderness-85 dBm
Number of Channels4
Method of receptionbalanced and parallel
Unique encryption and transmission algorithmsyes
Power supply of the Encrypted audio-video transmission system - DV TX-RX-145012V, 1A
Signal outputaudio/video
Signal quality indicator
  • LED
  • 8 levels
Transmission error rate
  • LED
  • 8 levels
Weight, receiver module2 kg
Weight, kit6 kg
Dimensions, receiver module295 × 121 × 45 mm
Dimensions, kit set406 × 330 × 174 mm
Video parameters
Frames per second50
Compression typewavelet
Resolution720 × 576
Video standardPAL
Audio parameters
Frequency response200 Hz - 6 kHz
Dynamic range65 dB
Audio type1 channel (mono)
A/D converter16 bit
Sampling frequency16 kHz
Telemetry control 4
4 optional
Baud rate1200 baud
GPS data transferyes


  • Encrypted audio-video transmission system - DV TX-RX-1450
  • Compact transmitter
  • Receiver kit
  • Ergonomic carrying case

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