FlooMe - portable smartphone breathalyzer with simple use Movie
FlooMe - portable smartphone breathalyzer with simple use

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FlooMe - portable smartphone breathalyzer with simple use

  • Fuel cell sensor
  • FlooMe is compatible with Facebook
  • Modern design
  • Measurement error: +/- +/- 0,075 g/L
  • Pocket-sized

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FlooMe - portable smartphone breathalyzer with electrochemical sensor and simple use

Smartphone breathalyser FlooMe™ with fuel cell sensor is a high-tech pocket-sized device which you can take along with you to any party, in your car and you can even take a ‘selfie’ with it to share your results on Facebook.

  • Power

    Power supply of the FlooMe

    powered by your smartphone

  • Electrochemical sensor

    Fuel cell sensor


  • Applications

    Applications of FlooMe



    Windows Phone

  • Calibration every 500 measurements

    Calibration of FlooMe

    after every 500 measurements

"Just blow" is a slogan advertised by FlooME™, the company who launched a breakthrough on the personal breathalysers market in 2016 by introducing a pocket-sized smartphone breathalyser. The main advantages of this breathalyser are a police-grade fuel cell sensor and no built-in batteries, which made it possible to miniaturize the device and give it a modern and stylish design.


Take a test after 20 minutes!
Please note that you should take a test not earlier than 20 minutes after having your last drink.

The greatest advantages of the smartphone breathalyser FlooME™ with a fuel cell sensor

  • Intuitive use

    Electrochemical sensor

    The smartphone breathalyser has been equipped with an electrochemical fuel cell sensor, which provides high precision of measurements. The main difference between the electrochemical sensor and the semiconductor sensors, which are applied in cheaper devices of this type, is that its test results are not interfered by eucalyptus, menthol or tobacco smoke.

  • Intuitive use

    Intuitive operation

    The personal smartphone breathalyser FlooME™ is easy to use and button-free. Just connect it to your smartphone via standard audio jack to activate the application and „blow”.

  • Sensor

    User-friendly application

    The device is operated by an intuitive, convenient and free application available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone systems. The application supports multiple languages.

  • Call for a taxi

    Call a taxi

    If your app detects that your alcohol level is over the legal limit applicable in the country you are in, the special application in your phone will help you to contact the nearest taxi to order a return transport.

  • Compatible facebookiem

    Share your results on Facebook!

    Compatibility of this solution with Facebook can be quite a useful function for the company owners who employ many mobile workers. App allows sharing the results on Facebook, or taking ‘selfie’ showing your positive test result, so it is possible to check the employee, easily at any time, or share your sobriety with your friends.

  • Ergonomic case

    No batteries required

    It was the intention of designers of this device to make it without a built-in battery so that to miniaturize the device as much as possible. Smartphone breathalyser FlooMe™ starts straight after you connect it to your smartphone via audio jack.

  • Small and ergonomic case


    Just like any other breathalyser FlooMe needs calibration. A special app will send you a calibration reminder, by e-mail with a voucher attached. The voucher will contain the address of the nearest service point and a unique service code. You just need to pack the voucher together with the breathalyser and send them to the given address. The maximum waiting time is two weeks..

  • Ergonomic case

    Ultra-modern design!

    Smartphone breathalyser FlooMe™ is available in two colours – very elegant, matt black and rich, glossy red. The device comes with two silicone mouthpieces which are easy to wash under the running water, thereby helping you to keep your breathalyser fully hygiene.

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Specification of FlooMe - portable smartphone breathalyzer with electrochemical sensor and simple use
Accuracy+/- 0,05‰
Sensor TypeElectrochemical
Preparation time for the measurement12 s
Time measuring of FlooMeabout 10-15 seconds
calibration required
  • not less frequently than every 12 months
  • at maximum 500 measurements
compatible systems
  • Android 4.2.2+
  • iOS 7+
  • Windows Phone 8.1+
Finishing materialmixture of polycarbonate / ABS
Operating temperature of the FlooMe - portable smartphone breathalyzer5°C - 40°C
Dimensions75 × 50 × 18 mm


  • FlooMe - portable smartphone breathalyzer with electrochemical sensor and simple use
  • 2 × rubber mouthpiece
  • User manual

Reviews (5)

By Alexander B.

Comment : Dedicated to young people and actually quite fun, once we had a contest of who has drunk more and posted results on facebook, [email protected]
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By Anna B.

Comment : More than mere ok! deserves full five !
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By Ben B.

Comment : Great that the app is so versatile - works on iOS, Android and Windows Phonw
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By Brandon C.

Comment : soo small and super convenient to use. Looks like a fun gadget but works like pro gear. Oh and thanks to the reasonable price it is availablepractically to everybody.
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By Caitlin C.

Comment : nice and moder desin, I especially fancy the red one ;) big plus for compatibility with Facebook !
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